Zip Ties and Flesh Wounds

I like a neatly wired motorcycle.  It looks clean and professional; like the builder/owner really cares for their bike.

You’ve probably installed a part that utilizes zip ties.  You may even have a handful in your tool kit for emergency roadside repairs (hint hint) ; )

What I don’t like is slicing my hands or arms on jagged zip tie ends when cleaning/waxing a bike or installing new parts.  Those cuts make me look like I have issues.

Have a look at the pictures and diagrams.  Typical diagonal cutting pliers can’t cut all of the zip tie end off.



A pair of flush cut diagonal pliers from the electronics store is the cure.  It allows you to cut the zip tie end “flush” with the retainer.  No more knife edges ready to slice and dice.  Instead, there’s a nice tidy zip tie installed professionally.

Flush cut is the key.

Spend a few dollars and your friend’s raised and concerned eyebrows should relax.

Your hands and arms will thank you as well.







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One Response to “Zip Ties and Flesh Wounds”

  1. Another way to remove the sharp edge, cut with side cutters and melt the left over tail with soldering iron or mini torch.