Your 2012 Kuryakyn Catalog is in the Mail — Months Early!

Anticipation is a good thing, unless it’s completely unnecessary. Take our Kuryakyn catalogs for example. Up until this year, you’d have to wait until March to get the new Harley catalog and you’d be among the lucky ones, because metric riders had to sit around until April to get their book.

And no matter what they tell you about patience being a virtue, waiting a third of a year or more for that year’s catalog just sucks.

But here’s the deal: Kuryakyn’s 2012 catalogs will be here within days. That’s right, we said catalogs plural, because both our Harley and Metric books are coming out at the same time, in two-part harmony, and plenty early. In fact, they’re already off the presses  — yes, that would be hot off the presses — and they’re being shipped as you read this.

Sure, they’re always worth waiting for, but we took the wait out of the equation by getting an early start on this year’s catalogs. Each has about 260 beautiful pages and they contain about 4,000 part numbers.

What we’d like to do is show you what goes into creating one of our colorful catalogs. We sent a videographer out to witness the press check who in turn created the video you see below (it’s pretty fascinating stuff and the music ain’t shabby, either). Punch the connection below, crank up your volume and enjoy two and a half minutes of pure press run perfection.

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3 Responses to “Your 2012 Kuryakyn Catalog is in the Mail — Months Early!”

  1. how do I get mine. My 2011 catalog is so dogeared and worn some of the pages are hard to read.

  2. Steve,
    If you give the customer service department a call at 866-277-9598 Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm central standard time they will be able to send you a new catalog.
    Will Glynn
    Kuryakyn Support

  3. I was wanting to know if I could receive a 2011 catalog

    Jimmy Doherty
    3502 Observation Dr.
    Ennis Tx. 75119