Welcome to the New Kuryakyn Blog

Welcome to the new Kuryakyn Blog. Here, you’ll find the latest info on what’s happening at Kuryakyn, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the company from all points of view. Use this blog to find out the latest from our customer service, sales, research and development, marketing, and shipping and receiving departments, and to stay current on rallies and gain access to info that allows you to be involved with our growing community of customers and motorcycle enthusiasts.

With our new blog, we want to give you — our customers and fans — something different from our previous blog, which tended to feature the products we sell and not the story behind the brand. With this new iteration of the blog, we’re committed to giving you a deeper view of what goes on at Kuryakyn. From our designers who spend countless hours perfecting their designs, to our customer service team members who field hundreds of calls a day, our dedicated staff makes this place hum like a fine tuned motorcycle, and this blog will soon do a much better job of explaining why that is.

Be sure to check the blog on a daily basis, as we will have something new to share most weekdays. More than just write-ups, we plan to incorporate video, photography and more to make our blog as lively as those of you who buy and use our the Kuryakyn brand of motorcycle parts and accessories.

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5 Responses to “Welcome to the New Kuryakyn Blog”

  1. How come I never see or here of any promotions or discussions about your air master fairings? I have one and love the way it looks on my Road King.I must have been one of the first people to buy because I waited and wacthed for them to go on sale. The only problem I have had is the radio. You guys shipped me a new one and I still have problems. You are shipping me another one soon and I’m looking forward to that. Anyway, I’m wondering what other feed back you are getting if any?

  2. I do have and idea for GL 1800 ..I have lots of customizing exp. and i did come up with some thing that i think would realy be a hit with GL 1800 rider’s.I am not realy sure how to go about protecting my idea so we can come to some sort of agrement on it’s worth..
    I have alot of your product’s on my bike along with some of my own idea’s..But this idea that i have to me i feel will be a big hit!!I do win at bike night’s and get alot of guy’s asking me where did you get that and how did you do that ..With alot of origanal idea’s on my own bike ..But this one im holding back ..Because as soon as i create it and put it on my bike some one else will run with it ..

  3. I would like to hear from some of the riders who have installed the Front Light Bar, (two extra lights and turn signals) for how well they hold up.
    Thanks, ironhorse

  4. I bought the Kuryakyn lighted trunk molding. Since I have a Honda Goldwing Road Smith trike, the wiring connection is beyond me. Is there any way you can help me? Kuryakyn #3221

  5. Tony – your best best is to get in touch with our tech support at techsupport [at] kuryakyn [dot] com or call 866.277.9598 between 830am-6pm M-F. They’ll definitely be able to help you out.