Three for Thursday: Saddlebag Accents, Gadget Pouches and Floorboards

Well, we’re back with our next installment of Three for Thursday, a new feature that we’ll be posting each week or thereabouts to bring you up to date on our newest products. The plan is to highlight three items each Thursday — products we feel are the latest, the greatest, and available immediately and at great prices! Check these out and know that even as you read this, we’re rounding up three more products for next Thursday!

Slotted Saddlebag Lid Accents

Name and part number? Slotted Saddlebag Lid Accents (Kuryakyn Part Number 7764)

Where does it go? Mounts to the top of the saddlebag lids.

What makes this part so great? The old factory aftermarket trim pieces used to require precise drilling just to mount the part. That made the installation a bit tricky and overwhelming to some folks just looking to spruce up the look of their saddlebags.  We like to keep things a bit simpler for our customers, so we came up with these beauties. They take out all the guess work, and that queasy feeling that you get when you associate drilling holes in your nice shiny new bags.

What is it made of? Cast aluminum.

Is it hard to install? Nope. Just peel and stick. These are about as hard to put on as a pair of Velcro sneakers.

What bikes will this part fit? They’ll fit just fine on 1993  to 2010Electra Glides, Road Glides, Street Glides, Tour Glides and Road Kings with hard saddlebags.

What else do you make to coordinate with this part? Lighted Lower Saddlebag Accents, Infinity Saddlebag Latches and Saddlebag Latch Accents.

Universal Gadget Pouch

Name and part number? Universal Gadget Pouch (Kuryakyn Part Number 4195)

Where does it go? On the handlebars.

What makes this part so great? We really put some thought into this piece to make it very user friendly.  It features a large viewing window that works with touch screen gadgets such as GPS units, MP3 players and Smart Phones. And since a lot of our customers say they want to be able to charge these devices while riding, we made provisions to accommodate a charger wire in almost any location. Also include in the kit is a foam support unit that and be sized to keep your device snug and fit, as well as a mounting system that can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position to fit most small handheld devices.

What is it made of? The main body is synthetic leather with plastic backing for support, and a rubber strap and metal fasteners.

Is it hard to install? All you need is a few small hand tools to mount the rubber strap to the back of the pouch. After that is installed, no tools are required to mount and dismount the unit from your handlebars. You can also bolt this up to any one of our Universal Handlebar Accessory Mounts or our Fuel Door GPS/Accessory Mount.

What bikes will this part fit? Universal for bar mounting (3/4-inch to 1-3/4-inch diameter) and Kuryakyn accessory mount plates.

What else do you make to coordinate with this part? Universal Drink Holders, Electrical Power Point, and the Sound of Chrome Speakers.

Premium Floorboards

Name and part number? Premium Floorboards for Rider or Passenger (Kuryakyn Part Number 4351)

Where does it go? It installs in place of the rider or passenger foot pegs.

What makes this part so great? Just like our foot pegs, these boards use our patented two-part mounting system featuring splined adapter mounts. This is the best way to mount floorboards to a motorcycle in place of stock foot pegs. All you need to switch from foot pegs to floorboards are the premium floorboards and your motorcycle’s specific splined adapter mount. A unique feature is the five mounting locations that allow these boards to be fine tuned for maximum comfort.

What is it made of? Cast aluminum main body with soft rubber over the top for comfort.

Is it hard to install? All you need are a few basic hand tools to remove the original foot pegs, and then replace with the premium floorboards.

What bikes will this part fit? These will fit any bike that we make a splined adapter mount for. This includes most Metric Cruisers and Harley-Davidson’s.

What else do you make to coordinate with this part? We make a wide variety of highway pegs that go great with a set of floorboards including our Tour-Tech cruise mounts, Longhorn offset highway pegs and Long Right angle mounts.

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