Three for Thursday: Can you say quick and easy?

Basic hand tools — that’s the common thread running through this week’s Three for Thursday blog. As in “all you need to install this part is some basic hand tools.” We’re featuring our Quick Adjust Tour-Pak Relocator as well as our beautiful chrome-plated sound system that (easily) attaches to the handlebars. Our third item is quick-release windshields. Quick and easy — that’s our mantra this week:

Item I – Quick Adjust Tour-Pak Relocator

Quick Adjust Tour-Pak Relocator

What is the name and part number? Quick Adjust Tour-Pak Relocator (Kuryakyn p/n 8973)

Where does it go? Between the factory Tour-Pak and the fender Tour-Pak mounts.

What makes this part so great? You can make adjustments in seconds without any tools to slide the Tour Pak up to 1 inch forward or 3 inches backward. This is great for riders looking to give their passenger some extra seat room. Or — if you’re riding solo — this can move some weight toward the front of the bike for better handling.

What is it made of? A combination of steel and aluminum.

Is it hard to install? All you need as some basic hand tools and an extra person to help remove and install the Tour-Pak.

What bikes will this part fit? Late ’00-’10 Touring Models with Rigid Mounted Tour-Pak or ’97-’10 Touring Models with H-D Two-Up or Solo Detachable Tour-Pak Racks (P/Ns 53276-04, 53260-02, 53276-09A, 53260-09A, 53246-09A) and a King, Chopped, or Razor-Pak Tour-Pak

What else do you make to coordinate with this part? The Kuryakyn Passenger Grab Rails (p/n 1609) and the Retractable Passenger Pegs (p/n 4353) are must-have pieces for the ultimate in passenger comfort.

Item II – The Sound of Chrome

The Sound of Chrome

What is the name and part number? The Sound of Chrome (Kuryakyn p/n 852 & 851)

Where does it go? Speakers mount to the handlebars and the wiring goes underneath the seat.

What makes this part so great? Putting a sound system on a bike has never been this easy and sounded so good. The compact, unique design allows the speakers to be mounted to virtually any handlebar without the need for modification or interference. There is a volume control built into the speaker that makes adjustments a snap while riding. And the sound produced from such small speakers is incredible.

What is it made of? Chrome-plated aluminum housings with sealed, water-resistant 50-watt speakers.

Is it hard to install? Not at all. Simply a few hand tools are needed and the wiring is very straightforward, mounting directly to the battery.

What bikes will this part fit? Most any bike with 1-inch or 1-1/4-inch handlebars and enough clearance to mount the speakers.

What else do you make to coordinate with this part? Universal Accessory Pouches (p/n 1478, 1479, 4195) will give you a great place to mount your iPod, and the Electrical Power Point (p/n 1483) will keep it charged.

Item III – AirMaster Quick Release Windshields

AirMaster Quick Release Windshield

What is the name and part number? AirMaster Quick Release Windshields for VTX (Kuryakyn p/n 2622 to 2625)

Where does it go? Mounts to the Triple Trees on the front of the motorcycle.

What makes this part so great? Awesome wind protection when you need it, and lesson tools needed to remove it when you don’t. The windshield angle is adjustable using Kuryakyn’s integrated cam design allowing for 6 degrees of angle adjustment. These windshields are available in two sizes and two finishes to please most anyone who rides a Honda VTX 1300 or 1800. And they’re made from a material that will not crack or shatter.

What is it made of? Premium .125-inch optical-grade, hard-coated polycarbonate.

Is it hard to install? You install the mounting kit with everyday hand tools, then simply finding the correct cam position for just the right windshield angle.

What bikes will this part fit? All Honda VTX 1300 and 1800 models.

What else do you make to coordinate with this part? Universal Windshield Pouch (p/n 4137) and The Sound of Chrome Speakers (p/n 852) are two great items to really utilize this windshield to the fullest.

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