Tech Tip: Loctite

Working the phone lines here at Kuryakyn one of the most common questions I get is ” Do you have any installation tips?” Depending on the item I’m being asked about, I’m usually pretty quick to say “make sure you use thread locker”.  It’s no secret to anyone that rides that all motorcycles vibrate (some more than others).  The use of thread locker is usually a fairly hot topic among motorcycle technicians and almost every tech would agree that some form of thread treatment is needed for almost every bolt.   Below are the three most common thread treatments and their uses when installing Kuryakyn parts.

1.) Blue Loctite

Take a walk around our shop or through our mechanics area at a rally and there is no doubt you’ll see multiple tubes of this medium strength thread locker.   Blue Loctite is designed to prevent metal fasteners from being loosened by vibration, while still being able to be removed with hand tools.  Some common uses of Blue Loctite are,  highway pegs, floorboard mounts, engine- chrome and other bolt on chrome accessories.  Blue Loctite also works as a thread treatment to prevent corrosion of  threads.

2.) Red Loctite

“Use sparingly”  is always the advice I give when asked where one should use Red Loctite.   This high strength thread treatment is designed to be used in more permanent applications.  While it still offers the same amount of vibration resistance and corrosion protection as the blue, Red Loctite will usually require applying heat to the fastener to remove it.  Sometimes even the use of pneumatic tools is required to remove fasteners that have Red Loctite applied to them.   Red Loctite is most commonly used in hub and wheel assemblies on motorcycles.  However, it can also be used to secure the mounting bolt of an assembly being attached directly to the frame of a motorcycle, such as our forward control kits and floorboard spacer kits.

3.) Anti- Seize

This is probably the most over looked of the three thread treatments we have listed here.  Most people don’t realize the importance of Anti-Seize and what it does.  Anti-seize is designed to protect metal from corrosion,  Most commonly “galvanic corrosion”.  This type of corrosion is caused by two unlike metals one an “Anode” and one a “Cathode”  touching electro-chemically in the presence of an electrolyte.  This causes the “Anode” to corrode at a much faster rate then it would if it was on its own.   You have probably witnessed this first hand if you have ever taken a steel bolt out of aluminum threads.  We recommend using anti-seize in places where you are putting a chrome plated bolt into a surface where the threads likely have chrome plating over them as well.  some examples of places where you would use anti-seize are our switch housing covers, grip accessories, and our neck covers.

Using the proper thread treatment is not only good practice but can also help prevent issues down the road caused by vibration and corrosion.  Kuryakyn conveniently stocks these three common thread treatments in our online store here.


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