Team Kuryakyn Holds Its Own at Barber Motorsports Park

Editor’s Note: Alex Wishard, who is Kuryakyn’s videographer and graphic designer, recounts activities at last weekend’s Vance & Hines XR1200 race in Alabama. In addition to Kyle Wyman, new Team Kuryakyn riders Gerry “Sigs” Signorelli and Bryan “Desi” Desimone joined in the competition. Below is Alex’s report.

This past weekend our team made the trip down south to Birmingham, Ala., for the AMA Pro Vance & Hines XR1200 race at the beautiful Barber Motorsports Park. This park has everything a race fan could hope for. It’s one part road racing track and one part art garden. Barber is 2.3 miles of technically demanding turns and crests and three different track configurations. Best yet, it’s right next door the Barber Motorsports Museum, home to many of the world’s infamous bikes including Kuryakyn crew chief Rich Oliver’s championship-winning Yamaha 250.

Equally as hot as the track were the temperatures. In addition to highs of 103 degrees during the day, rainstorms that passed through during the event raised the humidity to unbearable heights. It was during one of these storms that Bryan Desimone (No. 199 from St. Paul, Minn.) earned the hero title for the day. During a particularly strong gust of wind, Bryan spotted a piece of metal heading directly toward the head of a track crewman. He stuck his hand out to protect the worker, undoubtedly saving the man from serious injury. However, Bryan suffered a cut on his hand that required 11 stitches. Of course the incident occurred a day before the race.

Gerry Signorelli (No. 88 from Colorado Springs) ended up having a good outing — despite a crash during a practice run the day before. Racing on a wadded up bike with a seriously bent frame, Gerry still managed to qualify in 17th position, finishing with an 11th overall.

Bryan Desimone also went down during practice, but he too, was able to qualify the same day. His injured hand was so heavily bandaged that he couldn’t grab the handlebars. Instead, he rested his trussed-up palm on the top of the grip in order to give his fingers the leverage needed to operate the clutch. Despite the handicap, Bryan managed to make the final qualifying spot and finish 15th out of 19 riders.

Kyle Wyman had a good day of racing as well, finishing sixth overall.

Our point standings at the moment? Bryan stands in 20th, Gerry is in 16th, and Kyle Wyman in fourth.

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