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7520-5Foot Pegs

If your bike has knurled foot pegs that are uncomfortable or even clunky looking pegs that are, it’s time for an upgrade. The Mini Dagger pegs from Kuryakyn are here to meet the demands for both style and comfort on today’s sport bikes. The pegs feature a stylish Zombie theme and vibration dampening rubber pads all encased in show quality chrome throughout. A great feature that sets Kuryakyn pegs apart form any other is the design that utilizes multiple replaceable parts, including adapters, rubber pads, and emblems that can all be easily replaced without having to replace the whole peg. Available for most popular models both front and rear for a matching set.  


15664_kur_Hayabusa_Glam_m_9L_86237-1Want a good looking grip that is actually comfortable? Check out Kuryakyn’s ISO and Transformer grips. The ISO grips have become a household name among cruiser riders over the last decade, and are now available for sport bike riders. The ISO stands for isolation that refers to the soft rubber pads on the grips that provided the dampening needed to reduce fatigue and cramping. When using ISO grips the factory bar end weights are no longer used or needed; however Kuryakyn does offer matching end weights available for the ISO grip. If you are looking for a little more attitude or your bike has a theme, then the Transformer grips may be what you’re after. The Transformer grips feature three included interchangeable emblems including Zombie, Widow, and Maltese cross themes. As with the ISO grips the Transformer grips feature the same soft rubber compound that provides extra isolation dampening to keep you comfortable on those long rides.

Stretched and Slammed8721-2

If you’re looking for an affordable way to lower and stretch your sport bike, then look no further because Kuryakyn has it. Available through Kuryakyn are some great billet accessories from Roaring Toyz including lowering links and swing arm extensions for most late model Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki sport bikes. The swing arm extensions are adjustable and will allow a range from 2 to 8 inches to be added to the wheelbase. Just like the swing arm extensions the lowering links are made from billet aluminum and are adjustable to provide as much as a 3 inch drop on most bikes. Also available to accommodate the lowering links are lowering kick stands that are CNC machined and will bolt right up with no modifications necessary.  

Custom Windscreens

Your wild street machine is stretched, raked, painted, chromed, & waiting for that final touch. The perfect finishing accent? A functional, 1/8″ thick windscreen formed to OEM specs but with a custom look. The cool chrome goes with anything, especially more chrome. Or, if you’re so inclined, a Zombie will coordinate with your other Zombie accessories. Either way, your bike’s gonna make a statement.

Zobie Windshield


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