Patience for Noodles

"Cooks in 3 minutes" is not fast enough for some of us.

“Cooks in 3 minutes” is not fast enough for some of us.

(Editor’s Note: We would like to take the time to introduce our newest blogger Seth.  Seth has been with Küryakyn for 7 years and is currently Küryakyn’s “Technical Writer”.  With top notch technical ability and a great 6th sense for explaining how things work Seth brings a fresh new view to Tech Articles here at the Küryakyn Blog.  Be sure to leave your feedback and give a warm welcome to Seth.)

Here’s a quick one.

About ten years ago, I was making instant noodles for my two year old son. He was hungry (go figure) and impatient (again, go figure). I told him, “be patient for noodles”.

Fast forward a bit and you’ll see us in the car on a busy highway full of stupid selfish drivers. I floored it to get around one such driver and called them a name only to end up behind another Sunday driver. “#&*!”, I said.  From the back seat I hear, ” ‘memboo daddy? patience for noodles?” Yep, gotcha . . .

The same can be said about installing a part on your beloved two (or three) wheeler. The ratio of Patience to Experience is critical to a job well done. Little to no Experience will require a greater amount of Patience.  Experience gives way to familiarity.  Experience also shows us that Patience is as valuable a tool as the wrenches and screwdrivers in the tool box.

Küryakyn makes great parts that nearly everyone can install themselves. “Parking lot parts” is a phrase often heard around here during product development.  It means you should be able to purchase the parts, install them in the parking lot, then Ride On!

Go ahead and try it.  Get something you’ve always wanted for your bike, grab a handful of patience and get to work.  If you run out of patience there’s a bunch of good people here at Küryakyn that have just the right ratio of Patience and Experience waiting to help out.  The number’s on the instruction sheet or online.

Remember, patience for noodles.  From the mouth’s of babe’s right?


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