Panama City Beach PD Adds Some Kuryakyn Lighting

Recently during the Panama City Beach Bike Rally, also known as Thunder Beach, our road crew was approached by the local police department looking to enhance the visibility of their fleet of Harley Davidson motorcycles. One of the motor cops had mentioned noticing other bikes on the road that stood out both day and night with some very distinct and recognizable headlights. And after a quick walk through the Kuryakyn booth, he knew exactly what those lights were, the Kuryakyn Phase 7 LED Headlight by Truck Lite P/N 2249.

After a quick demonstration of the product, the Panama City Beach Police Department decided that it would be a good idea to outfit their fleet of bikes with the new LED headlights to not only enhance visibility and field of view while riding, but to also enhance their visibility to other motorists out on the roadways in and around Panama City Beach, Florida.

Not stopping at the headlight, our Kuryakyn crew also installed the new Pulsating Brake Controller P/N 5493, on each police bike. This new controller provides a few seconds of automatic pulsation of the brake lights each time the brakes are applied, then remain solid until released.

Both of these products not only perform well enough for police duty, they also install in just minutes thanks to simple plug-n-play wiring. In fact, the installation on each bike took less than ten minutes using only a philips head screwdriver and a 7/16″ wrench.

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