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Kuryakyn has always been known as the company that improves and beautifies motorcycles, so we’re treading on uncomfortable grounds here when we say we’re also in the library resource business. Just don’t call any of our employees a librarian because you’ll likely get a lot more than a “Shhhhhh!”

But, truth be told, Kuryakyn is an excellent resource for those of you who discover that your dog ate the instruction sheet to your new 2-amp load equalizer. Or those who are aren’t sure how a new part goes on a bike. Or those who are just interested in how some parts are fastened to a motorcycle.

In today’s techno age, we now offer instructional videos, booklets, pamphlets and PDF instructions for nearly every question you might have about motorcycle parts and accessories. And it’s all available for fun and for free at

We have instructions for just about every part we make available online in a PDF version that can be downloaded in seconds to help guide you through any install. These are the exact same instructions included each kit we sell. Each online instruction sheet includes a bill of materials, so you know exactly what you’re getting, and full color pictures to help ease the process.

So where can you find this information online? Each instruction sheet is located just below the product picture where it says “Related Resources” on each page of (see image to left). Just click the link to the part number that you need. It’s that simple and you don’t even need to pester the librarian.

Some of our products have corresponding installation videos to help you out. They offer a quick overview of the product and how it works. These videos are also located on both the product page and in our Video Center. Most videos are hosted through our YouTube Channel, so you can see them on just about any computer or mobile device.

And if our library resources aren’t enough, you can call our Tech Support line with questions  between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. CST any weekday during our extended summer hours, and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST weekdays in the off season. Our tech support team is the best in the business with years of motorcycle experience. These guys can troubleshoot just about anything out there and know Kuryakyn Products inside and out. If you’re in the middle of an install and need some extra guidance, just give us a call. Or contact us through e-mail anytime. Send your message to techsupport [at] kuryakyn [dot] com. If you need to send pictures, just make sure to keep the file size down to under 4mb to ensure the message is received.

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