Now You Can Find Kuryakyn in the Apple App Store

The Kuryakyn iPhone/iPad app is up and running and available the Apple App Store or iTunes. For all you tech-savvy folks with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can conveniently store the new Kuryakyn catalogs in your pocket and access them anytime you want and anywhere you happen to be.

Best of all, the Kuryakyn app is absolutely free! Just go to the Apple App Store or iTunes on your device, type in Kuryakyn and download our app. Once the application is installed, simply open it up and choose the catalog you’re interested in downloading. These are big files and will take a few minutes to download, so a good Internet connection will certainly help. But once the catalog is completely downloaded, you can view it again — instantly and any time — with or without an Internet connection.

Speaking of Internet connection, if you have one, you’ll also be able to use all the other great features of the app, including videos and additional pictures. And real soon we’ll have our dealer locator function that’ll use your device’s GPS to guide you to the nearest Kuryakyn dealer.

Stay tuned for more features and updates because we’re working hard to deliver an exciting and useful app to our favorite customers. And for you Android users out there, don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about you. We’re working on it and before you know it, we’ll have our Android App available for installation.

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