852-1The Sound of Chrome

If you’re looking to add a sound system to your motorcycle but don’t want  expensive dull sounding and clumsy speakers that kill the look of your bike, well check out the Sound of Chrome from Kuryakyn. The Sound of Chrome has rocked the motorcycle world since the introduction in 2008 with these awesome sounding speakers. No matter what kind of bike you have chances are the Sound of Chrome will fit. Available with 1” or 1-1/4” handlebar clamps the speakers are fully adjustable and can be mounted in just the right location to get the best sound. Installation is simple and everything you need is included in the kit. The Sound of Chrome features two 50 watt 3” speakers encased in chrome housings. Any sound device that has a 3.5mm audio output jack will work, so whether you have retro cassette player or a state of the art I Phone you can hear your favorite songs anytime you ride.

Rider Adjustability

When it comes to comfort and driver adjustability, no other company offers such a wide selection of top quality foot placement options for metric cruisers. Fully adjustable and customizable, Kuryakyn offers highway pegs that mount to the crash bar, floorboards, frame, and even has a selection of engine guards that feature fold out foot pegs built in.15624_kur_1340_ob_m_9

4519-2If you ride a Honda VTX and are looking to stretch out on those long rides, Kuryakyn has a solution. Available for both the VTX 1300 and 1800 are the cruise peg mounts that bolt directly to existing mounts on the frame. These ingenious mounts offer a simple solution for those who do not want to add an engine guard to their motorcycle. If an engine guard and a highway peg is what you’re after, than look no further because there is an option that takes all the guess work out, and it is called the Ergo Guard. The Ergo Guard has all the features of a traditional crash bar with the added benefit of a built in fold out highway peg. This two piece engine guard bolts to the existing lower frame foot peg control mounts for a secure and effective fit that is simple to install and can be done with simple hand tools.

For riders of Yamaha, Kawasaki, or Honda cruisers with factory floorboards, Kuryakyn has the adjustable cruise peg mounts. The adjustable cruise peg mounts feature a design that mounts the highway peg directly from under the floorboard. The pegs are fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of riders, and will accept any Kuryakyn foot peg or any foot peg with a Harley-Davidson style male mount.7986-1

Available for motorcycles with foot pegs or forward controls, there is an option to add the peg mounted cruise mounts. Utilizing the existing stock foot peg mounts, the peg mounted cruise mounts feature an adjustable 6” arm that can be placed in any position giving the rider the option to have a cruise peg in front or behind the factory foot peg.

For bikes that have a traditional crash bar or engine guard, the longhorn offset peg mounts give the rider the most adjustability to find the perfect location for a highway cruise peg. The longhorns feature a 3-1/4” arm that can be adjusted a full 360 degrees giving a 6-1/2” range of motion to fit any rider. The longhorns also incorporate a locking device that will not slip to give the rider unparalleled security and control for the long hall. Available to fit a variety of popular engine guards, the longhorns can be fit to almost any motorcycle without modification.

Drink holders include any array of handlebar mounts, as well as some options for passengers. Drink holders are available with universal baskets and even a few that come with a neat stainless steel mug. All the drink holders offered are adjustable and can be swiveled when needed to get the perfect fit. Available for the rider there are kits to mount the drink holder either around the handlebar or if space is an issue to the clutch or brake perch. Once the mounting hardware is installed the drink holders can be removed with a simple thumb screw. There are even a few snap-n-go drink holder options that can be removed in a quick motion, and offer a lower cost option for those who do not want to go with chrome. For passengers any bike with grab rails ranging from ½” to ¾” tubing can have a drink holder with a basket or a stainless mug, and for Goldwing riders a basket style holder is available that mounts to the rear passenger
grab handle bolt on the left or right side.


Passenger drink holders

  • 1484 w/ basket, ½”- ¾” tubing
  • 1485 w/ stainless mug, ½”- ¾” tubing
  • 1481 w/ basket for GL1800

The universal handlebar accessory mounts allow almost any small accessory to be mounted. Most any handheld GPS, radar detector, cell phone, I Pod and even freeway toll passes will fit. Each comes pre drilled with the standard 4-hole AMPS pattern used by most handheld GPS manufactures and allows for a simple and secure bolt up. Designed with ease in mind, any cell phone or I Pod with an accessory belt clip can mounted in seconds and will stay secure thanks to the specially placed slots in every mount. Available with popular 1” and 1-1/4” clamps, the universal accessory mounts can be clamped to the handlebars or even to the engine crash bars. Just like the drink holders other mounting options include a clutch or brake perch mount with each kit including both SAE and metric hardware to cover most applications. Also available is the conveniently located fuel flip door mount that replaces the factory fuel door on Harley Davidson touring models. The fuel door mount is a great option that has a clean factory look and function not offered anywhere else.


Universal Handlebar Accessory Mounts

  • works with most handheld GPS
  • 4 hole AMPS pattern
  • works for most radar detectors
  • will hold freeway and parking passes (great for crash bars mount)
  • works with most cell phones and I pods with belt clip
  • 360 degree adjustability to accommodate most any accessory option
  • Universal, fits most bikes
  • Easy installation
  • Quick detach with no tools
  • 1421 for 1” bars
  • 1474 for 1 ¼” bars
  • 1461 Universal perch mount (’82-’08 HD)
  • 1473 Universal perch mount (’82-’09 HD)

Fuel Door GPS/ Accessory mount

  • Easy install
  • Options to fit ’92-’09 HD
  • 4 hole AMPS pattern for GPS
  • Works with most cell phones and I pods with belt clip
  • Quick adjust viewing angle
  • Ideal, clutter free location
  • Fuel door works like stock
  • 1465 ’92-’07 HD
  • 1466 ’08-’09 HD

For those looking for a simple accessory pouch, Kuryakyn has that covered as well. Available in two popular sizes are the universal accessory pouches that will carry any I Pod, Blackberry, and everything in between. These pouches mount in seconds without any tools, and can be transferred from bike to bike. Using a simple and sturdy rubber strap, the universal accessory pouches fit any bar ranging from ½” to 1-3/4” in diameter. Each pouch is equipped with a clear viewing window that allows users to see what is inside at a glance without removal.


Universal Accessory Pouches

  • Hold any small accessory, cell phone, I pod, MP3 player
  • Two popular sizing options, small 2 ¼” x 3 ½”, large 3 ¼” x 4 1/2″
  • No tool installation
  • Fits ½” to 1 ¾” bars
  • Viewing window
  • Easy accessory removal
  • 1478 small
  • 1479 large

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