Meet the Team: Kuryakyn Inside Dealer Rep Jon Wheeler

A good company needs good people and that’s pretty much been the bottom line since primitive man started bartering stone tools from the entrance of his cave.

Kuryakyn's Jon Wheeler

Here at Kuryakyn, we believe it’s our people who have made us the go-to company when it comes to improving or beautifying your motorcycle. Whether they’re designing, developing or marketing parts, or they’re providing the service and support for those parts and accessories, it’s our team members that put us on the map in the first place, and keep us there.

So we’re using this blog to put a face on Kuryakyn, to let you meet some of the folks who work here. This time around, were going to introduce Jon Wheeler, an inside dealer representative who has worked with us for nearly a decade.

Kuryakyn: What did you do prior to coming to work for Kuryakyn?

Jon Wheeler: I sold historic replica paraphernalia to movie companies, historic forts and re-enactors for 17 years. The company relocated and I had just bought an old farmhouse with acreage so I didn’t want to move.

Kur: What attracted you to Kuryakyn?

JW: Owning a motorcycle and being able to work in the motorcycle industry so close to my home is what first attracted me to Kuryakyn. And it’s the people here and their commitment to the rider and to this industry that has kept me here ever since.

Kur: When you’re not working, what do you like to do in your spare time?

JW: I love to ride horses. I have a small hobby farm near Stillwater, Minn. where I currently have four horses in residence.

Kur: What’s your all-time favorite motorcycle part or accessory?

JW: I have many favorites that come to mind from over the years and I still get excited when I see new items come out. Currently I love the new theme windshields, like the Fire Fighter, Armed Forces or Patriot windshields. But if I can only choose one accessory, I’d have to say the Panacea taillights, or the rear run turn brake controllers — Part No. 4849 for the Harleys and the bike-specific ones for the metric bikes. I firmly believe they are the best safety devices that can be installed on a bike. The pulsating red brake light is a real attention getter when making a quick stop with someone coming up behind you. I believe it’s truly a life-saver. Some of my dealers install it on every bike they sell before it leaves the showroom floor.

Kur: If you could some time off work and ride anywhere in the world, where would you go and with whom would you go?

JW: I love to ride in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Every time I go I bring along Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill, Crazy Horse, Rain In The Face and other spirits of the past. And a good-looking woman ain’t bad, either.

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