Meet the Team: Kuryakyn Graphic Designer, Tanya Droher

Tanya Droher, Kuryakyn Graphic Designer

When Tanya Droher joined Kuryakyn’s art department, she had no idea how popular the company was in the motorcycle parts industry. She was also surprised to discover how much fun it is to work here!

Meet our very own “designing woman:”

Kuryakyn: What do you do here at Kuryakyn?

Tanya Droher: I’m a graphic designer. What that entails is designing the catalog, brochures, signs, stickers, eflyers, packaging, posters and anything else used for marketing here at Kuryakyn.

Kuryakyn: What did you do prior to coming to work for Kuryakyn?

TD: Before coming to work at Kuryakyn I worked for the Boat Doctor in Bayport Marina for nine years. I washed yachts on the river, out in the sun all summer.

Kuryakyn: What attracted you to Kuryakyn?

TD: A job listing brought me here in the beginning, but I quickly realized that the people here are the best in the business and so much fun to work with. I love working for a company that is so well known in the motorcycle industry. It’s a boost when someone’s face lights up when I mention Kuryakyn. Usually it’s because they realize I have catalogs.

Kuryakyn: When you’re not working what do you do in your spare time?

TD: In my free time I love to run!  I also recently had a baby girl, so I spend any free time hanging out with that little peanut and watching my husband play baseball. I also love hanging out on the deck with friends and a good bottle of wine.

Kuryakyn: What’s your all time favorite motorcycle part or accessory?

TD: I don’t have a specific part that I can think of, but I love all the black parts. If or when we get a bike again, we will definitely be blacking it out!

Kuryakyn: If you could take a week or so off from work and ride anywhere in the world, where would you go and whom would you take with you?

TD: It’s always been on my Bucket List to travel to Australia, and I’d be taking Pete and Finley with me.

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One Response to “Meet the Team: Kuryakyn Graphic Designer, Tanya Droher”

  1. I am the proud owner of a Constellation Driving Light Bar. If you designed this, I have to say you are the best! This design not only makes my motorcycle look better, but also adds the value of safety. I wish you the best, and keep these excellent designs comming!