Meet the Team: Kuryakyn Customer Service and Technical Support Rep William Glynn

William Glynn -- Kuryakyn Customer Service and Technical Support Rep

Here at Kuryakyn, no matter where you look, you’ll find motorcycle-savvy and hardworking employees like William Glynn. The problem with employees like William is this: He’s such a big fan of our products, he often finds himself on the other side of the counter come payday — buying up the latest and chromiest Kuryakyn gear! Okay, so maybe that’s not much of a problem.

Meet William Glynn:

1. Who are you and what do you to do here at Kuryakyn?

WG: My name is William Glynn (people just called ‘Willie G.’ though), and I’m a customer service and technical support rep while at the office, and an express mechanic when I’m out on the road at various rallies Kuryakyn attends.

2. What did you do prior to coming to work for Kuryakyn?

WG: I was a mechanic at a tire shop for a while, and last year I began to work for Motorsport Rally Corp., (a sister company of Kuryakyn) where I had the opportunity to work some of the larger rallies with both Kuryakyn and Mustang Seats.

3. What attracted you to Kuryakyn?

WG: Chrome,  chrome,  chrome — need I say more?  Actually I like the challenges of my job and that I get to work in the motorcycle industry. I ride a 2008 Harley Street Glide with lots of Kuryakyn. I feel like I can relate to our customers, because I was a Kuryakyn customer before I started working for the company and I still am today. Actually my bike seems to look a little better after every payday!

4. When you’re not working, what do you like to do in your spare time?

WG: Strangely enough, I like to work on bikes and ride them whenever I can.  I recently went skydiving and now I’m hooked. You can never have too much of a good thing.

5. What’s your all-time favorite motorcycle part or accessory?

WG: My favorite part of all time is the Trident Tip Crusher mufflers.  You just can’t get that kind of look with any other muffler. And the sound — don’t even get me started on the sound!

6. If you could take a week or so off work and ride anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you take with you?

WG: I would want to ride in Europe. Just crate up the Harley, have it shipped over and cruise the countryside. And I think I would go it alone just to get the full experience.

Thanks, Willie. To read more Kuryakyn employee profiles, check out the Meet The Team section of the blog.

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