Kuryakyn Bluetooth Controlled Lizard Lights

The chameleon of L.E.D. accent lighting is now more dynamic than ever with the addition of the new Kuryakyn Bluetooth Controller for Lizard® Lights and Infinity™ L.E.D. products.

Kuryakyn Bluetooth Controlled Super Lizard Lights

Kuryakyn Bluetooth Controlled Super Lizard Lights Maximus Kit – P/N 5066

Cycle through and activate an array of colors from the convenience of any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone with Android or iOS operating systems. A downloadable app allows users to set three unique display modes: single-color “Solid Color,” single-color pulsating “Flash Color” with adjustable variable rate, or cycle through all seven shades in “Auto Color.”

Kuryakyn Bluetooth Controlled Super Lizard Lights

7 Color options with 3 different display modes, controlled from the palm of your hand.

Available for all universal 12-volt applications, Bluetooth Controlled Super Lizard Lights Maximus Kits (P/N 5066) include a plug-&-play Bluetooth controller with eight L.E.D. strip lights and everything needed to easily light up your ride from the palm of your hand. The Bluetooth Lizard Lights Controller (P/N 5067) can also be purchased separately as a direct replacement for existing standard switch or remote controllers on previously installed Kuryakyn Lizard Lights kits or Infinity products.


Includes bike-mounted on/off switch

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4 Responses to “Kuryakyn Bluetooth Controlled Lizard Lights”

  1. Hi team,

    I have just had a hifive air kit (K9506), a velocity ring (K5068), and the bluetooth contoller (K5067) fitted to my 2015 Fury.

    Everything looks great and the velocity ring looks awesome but it cannot be controlled through the installed app on my android phone.

    It keeps disconnecting with a message that reads….Device doesn’t support UART. Disconnecting. The velocity ring continues to cycle through the different colours.

    Can you please provide some advice as to why the controller is not working with the app. Any info would be appreciated.


    Carl Edwards

  2. Hi Carl,

    Do you have additional Lizard Lights installed, or just the Velocity Ring with Bluetooth Controller?

    Next question – does your phone have the latest Android operating software update installed? If yes, try deleting/uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it to see if that works. You can also contact techsupport [at] kuryakyn [dot] com or call toll free 866.277.9598 for more troubleshooting help.

  3. Hi, does anyone know what happened to the iOS app for the Kuryakyn Lizard Lights. I have it installed on my iPhone 6+ however just upgrading that to the 7+ However unable to locate the app on the Apple App Store and the one link I can find via google.com takes me to the iTunes Store and I get “not available in the US store”. When I change stores to any other country, I get a similar answer. When I tried the Australian site, it said it’s not available in the Australian site but is available in the US site, and then the option to get it from there produces nothing!
    The App does not register in iTunes on my computer when I connect the phone and it will not sync across to the new phone, even though I use a back up from the iPhone 6+ to set up the 7+. Is there anyway to obtain this app that will download to a computer (MacBook) or (PC) and then all it to be imported into iTunes so that it can be installed on the phone?
    Appreciate any advice – I really don’t want to buy a separate controller.

  4. David – the app should be all set now. Sorry for the inconvenience.