Kuryakyn and the Sportech Fairings

When Kuryakyn decided to offer a brand new fairing, we didn’t just go out and toss together a fiberglass windscreen and call it a day. No siree. We did extensive research, looked around at what other folks were doing and then turned to Sportech — the industry leader in thermoformed power sports products.

Kuryakyn Sportech Fairing

Sportech is well known for making popular windscreens for sport bikes, snowmobiles and ATV’s, so it was a no brainer to choose to work with them on the AirMaster and Sportech Fairing-Plus. In fact, we’ve been working with Sportech for some time now, and the partnership has lead to the creation of many innovative products. Some of these include our AirMaster windshields for Honda GL1800, the popular themed AirMaster windshields for Harleys, and most recently our new Quick Release Windshields for both Harley-Davidsons and Metric Cruisers.

What sets these fairings apart from those offered by other companies is a material that won’t crack or shatter. It’s the same stuff used on impact-resistant bumpers available on most modern automobiles. Using a thermoformed process, these fairings consistently come out the same every time and are rigorously inspected for quality before they leave the factory. The windshields are made from a type of polycarbonate that is strong and durable, yet  flexible and forgiving when smacked sharply. These fairings use the same three-bolt pattern to accept any windshields made for a ’96 and newer Harley Davidson Batwing fairing, so the windshield possibilities are almost endless.

Why did we turn our backs on fiberglass or acrylic for these fairings? Primarily, it’s because both of these materials are not forgiving. They are rigid and susceptible to fractures,. Fiberglass isn’t always consistent, which results in areas that may be thick or thin, thus compromising the overall integrity of the piece. And yes, acrylic can shatter if it’s hit hard enough. Just do a quick search on YouTube of acrylic versus polycarbonate and you’ll see what we mean. In fact, here’s the video:

So here’s what we’ve got: The Kuryakyn AirMaster Fairing is our top of the line fairing with all the bells and whistles. Actually, it’s a lot more than bells and whistles. It’s every good sound you every heard and it comes in the form of the Sony DSX-S100 Digital Receiver. Amenities include an integrated lockable glove box with 12-volt power point and external 12-volt power point/cigarette lighter. The new Sony DSX-S100 is a great radio that does away with the conventional CD player, replacing it with a trick-integrated Tune Tray. A tune what? The Tune Tray is a clever tray that pops out when you fold down the stereo faceplate, and will hold and charge your iPod while you ride.

A few of us had an opportunity to test drive this new feature while riding a Road King in Sturgis a few weeks back, and we have only one word for this product: This thing rocks! OK, that’s three words, but you get the idea. Just plug in your iPhone , flip the faceplate shut and off you go listening to all your favorite songs. The Sony receiver lets you navigate through songs and playlists the same way you would on the iPod, except you’re using the stereo controls. The best part is that all your song titles and information are clearly displayed on the screen while operating.

You can even sort through songs by artist, song title, album title and user-created playlists. For those who don’t have an iPod, you can still listen to your private collection by plugging in a USB memory stick loaded with your favorite songs. Here’s a a video explaining the all features of this amazing stereo:

The glove box on the AirMaster Fairing is water tight, and best of all there’s a 12V power point so you can plug in your cell and other electronics to keep them charged. There’s also a mounting kit that enables you to bolt up a GPS device to the outside of the glove box door. Once mounted you can then plug in the GPS to the 12-volt power point.

Installation of the AirMaster Fairing is straight–forward, but is best done with two people (one to hold the fairing in place while the other tightens the fasteners). Wiring is easy, with two going to the positive and negative battery terminals and the other hooked into a keyed ignition or accessory source under the seat of the motorcycle.

The Sportech Fairing-Plus is a lower-cost option that can be upgraded and customized down the road. This fairing is made from the same great materials as the AirMaster Fairing and uses the same windshield pattern that allows for endless windshield options. There’s no stereo with the Sportech Fairing-Plus, but one can be added and installed easily. Kuryakyn offers an Audio Kit that features 5.25-inch weatherproof speakers and a 50-watt amplifier. This sound system is much like the Kuryakyn Sound of Chrome, using an external audio device to play music. Any MP3 player, satellite radio or iPod will work. Once you add the Audio Kit, you can create a customized look with the Kuryakyn Speaker Accents and Themed Medallions. The Sportech Fairing-Plus also fits a wider variety of bikes such as the Yamaha Roadliner and Suzuki C-50.

You can purchase a Sportech Fairing-Plus for $599 and the mounting kit for $69.99. You can then add the Audio Kit for $399. The AirMaster Fairing sells for $1,999 for Road King applications, $2,099 for Softails and $1,999 — plus a mounting kit for Metric Cruisers. Depending on your budget and what your requirements are for wind deflection, Kuryakyn and Sportech fairings offer a quality solution with service and support to help you along the way.

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