Kuryakyn 5000 Series Driving Light L.E.D. Upgrade

It’s no secret that L.E.D. Technology has advanced significantly in the past few years.    Advancing from running lights to turn signals, to a point where they are reliable and bright enough to be used as headlights and driving lights.   L.E.D.’s are Brighter, more efficient and last longer than standard incandescent or Halogen bulbs.  That’s why we here at Kuryakyn have developed an L.E.D. insert (p/n 5035) for our popular 5000 series 3” driving lights.  In the few simple steps outlined below you can upgrade the standard H3 Halogen bulb that comes with the lights to a super bright L.E.D. replacement.



Step 1: Remove the button head allen screw at the bottom of the light housing.  The allen key used is 3/32”.

Step 2: Remove the bezel by turning counter clockwise and pulling the bezel outwards.

Step 3: Remove the rubber seal from the chrome light housing.  The glass light housing should now be free


 Step 4: Pull the glass housing out away from the chrome housing and disconnect the wires

Step 5: Remove the locating ring from the back of the glass light housing and place it on the back of one of the new L.E.D. lamps in thesame orientation.  The notch on the locating ring goes on the bottom of the light and will line up with a post on the bottom of the housing

Step 6: With the locating ring installed, connect the white wire from the new L.E.D. Lamp to the white wire inside the lamp.  Connect the black wire from the new L.E.D. Lamp to the black housing  (be sure to check and make sure the metal portion of both connectors are fully inside the plastic insulating sleeve)


Step 7: There is a cut out on the rubber gasket thatfits around the screw boss on the bezel.


Step 7: Place the new L.E.D. Lamp with the locating ring installed, into the light housing.  Place the rubber gasket into the chrome bezel  (there is a cutout on the rubber gasket that fits around the screw boss on the bezel)

Step 8: Line  up the posts on the bezel with the notches on the housing and place the bezel over the light and onto the housing.  Turn the bezel clockwise to lock it on and line up the threads in the bottom hole in the bezel.


Step 9: Insert the button head fastener removed in Step 1 and tighten securely.

Repeat the same steps for the opposite side.

These L.E.D. upgrades are a simple install that make a huge impact – Willie G

can be used in the following Kuryakyn Driving light part numbers:


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