Rider Adjustability

Motorcyclists who like to ride any distances know that comfort is key, and on long rides it is nice to have options for foot placement. And if you ride a Harley-Davidson then Kuryakyn has what you need to stay comfortable on any trip. From Sportsters to Ultras, Kuryakyn offers a great selection of highway peg options to meet the demand for comfort. Options include a variety of peg mounts available to mount to anything including the frame, crash bar, floorboards, and even the existing foot peg mount. Most of the products offered are fully adjustable and are designed to work for any riders’ needs.


7535-2Mounting directly underneath the floorboard are the adjustable cruise peg mounts available for any Softail or Touring model using stock D-style or swept wing floorboard. The adjustable cruise peg mounts are adjustable and offer a great and simple solution to stretch out. Multiple peg options are also available from Kuryakyn or if the customer chooses, factory Harley pegs will work as well. If you are looking for even more extension and adjustability with the stock D-style floorboards the cruise arm mark III is a great option to keep the stock boards and have an adjustable highway peg. The cruise arm mark III mount similar to the adjustable cruise peg mounts and give the customer the option to eliminate the factory engine guard for a clean look.

Also available for Softtail and Touring models is the cruise arm mark IV that features a lower frame mount design that utilizes the structural stability and ridged characteristics of the frame to keep the highway pegs secure with no compromises. The cruise arm mark IV’s can be used with any stock or aftermarket floorboard and are fully adjustable for the right fit. They are also available in two sizes, a standard version for shorter riders and an extended version for taller riders.7841-4

If your Harley is equipped with factory foot pegs or forward controls, there is an option to add the peg mounted cruise mounts. Utilizing the existing stock foot peg mounts, the peg mounted cruise mounts feature an adjustable 6” arm that can be placed in any position giving the rider the option to have a cruise peg in front or behind the factory foot peg.

Another great way to extend your feet is to add the relocator brackets that will move your floorboards slightly forward and out. The relocator brackets offer a solution for things like bulky air cleaners that can get in the way. If you are not looking to move your floorboards forward but simple out, Kuryakyn has a solution for that as well. The running board extenders move each floorboard out by 3/4 of an inch and help to disperse that hot air off the motor. The extenders also work great for getting the floor board mounts away from the exhaust help to eliminate excess vibration and rattling cause from some aftermarket head pipes.

For Softails, Dynas, and Sportesters Kuryakyn offers an adjustable mustache bar that mounts directly to the frame down tubes and can be adjusted in a number of ways for total control. With the ability to be adjusted up or down and forward or back, the adjustable mustache bar has almost limitless possibilities. The adjustable mustache bar is also compatible with forward and mid controls with or without floorboards. All are simple to install and only require basic hand tools.

7888-4If you are looking to replace your existing engine guard or simple to add one, Kuryakyn offers the Ergo Guard. The Ergo Guard is both an engine guard and a highway peg all in one. Features include a fold out highway peg, an ergonomically designed shape with clearance for cornering, and a mounting system that bolts directly to the frame with no clamps or modifications necessary. For shorter riders the Ergo Guard is also available in a lower version that also includes a new shorter brake pedal so clearance will never become an issue.

Available for bikes equipped with a traditional crash bar or engine guard, the longhorn offset peg mounts are available and give the rider the most adjustability to find the perfect location for a highway cruise peg. The longhorns feature a 3-1/4” arm that can be adjusted a full 360 degrees giving a 6-1/2” range of motion to fit any rider. The longhorns also incorporate a locking device that will not slip to give the rider unparalleled security and control for the long hall. Available to fit a variety of popular engine guards, the longhorns can be fit to almost any motorcycle without modification.

Kuryakyn offers the largest selection of drink holders and accessory mounts available for almost any cruiser on the market. Mounting a GPS, I Pod, or even your morning coffee has never been easier. The mounting options are almost limitless, accessories can be clamped to the handlebars or crash bar, attached to the clutch or brake perch, even mounted to the fuel door on a few Harley Davidson touring models. All Kuryakyn accessory mounts and drink holders offered are bolt on and do not require any modification to your motorcycle.

Drink holders


  • Drink holder options with or with out basket, mug, snap-n-go
  • Easy installation
  • Fit almost and bike HD, Metric, Goldwing etc
  • With basket fits average sized cups, cans, bottles, mugs etc
  • Quick detach w/ no tools

w/ basket

  • 1422 for 1” bars
  • 1475 for 1 1/4” bars
  • 1462 universal perch mount
  • 1484 for ½”, 5/8”, or 3/4” tubing

w/ stainless mug

  • 1464 for 1” bars
  • 1477 for 1 ¼” bars
  • 1463 universal perch mount
  • 1485 for ½”, 5/8”, or ¾” tubing



  • 1486 w/ stainless mug universal w/ 1” clamp and perch mount, SAE and
  • 1487 w/ basket universal w/ 1” clamp and perch mount, SAE and metric

AirMaster Quick Release Windshields

Airmaster Quick Release WindshieldQuite Simply The Best Windshield You Can Buy For The Money – The Bar Has Been Raised!

Kuryakyn new line of AirMaster Quick Release Windshields provide impressive quality, impeccable style, & the durability & safety of a polycarbonate windshield right out of the box. Selecting the windshield for your application is a breeze – select a height in Clear or Light Smoke then add a mounting kit & you’re set!

Quick Release Detachable Saddlebag System

Quick Release Detachable Saddlebag System No One Does it Better!

Outfit your bike with great looking saddlebags that outperform the rest – but also gain the freedom of having the ability to take the bags off when you don’t need them!

Kuryakyn has teamed up with Edge Leather & Edge Quick
Detachable Brackets to bring you the most complete, versatile Quick Release System in the industry. Once the correct brackets are installed, put on or take off your saddlebags (with no tools) in mere seconds & no obnoxious hardware is left behind!

Purchase a Complete Package or purchase the Edge Brackets alone to be used with OEM or other brand bags.

ISO Grips Installation Video


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