Harley Davidson Inner Fairing Transformations Made Easy

Who knew that completely transforming the look and feel of your inner fairing could be so easy? Without the need for tools, this is by far one of the simplest upgrades to your motorcycle you can do yourself.

No tools, really? Yes. Watch this video to see for yourself:

How do the parts in the video stay on without falling off? It’s simple, really; they use only 3M automotive adhesive, the strongest and best way to mount any type of accent or trim. 3M automotive adhesive is the same adhesive used to fasten the bumper trim panels found on most modern automobiles. And as those of you who are familiar with body work know, once these trim pieces are fastened, they are very difficult if not sometimes impossible to remove.

Featured in this video are the Switch Panel Accent, Stereo Accent, Inner Fairing Accent, Patriot Speaker Grills, and the Deluxe Gauge Bezels. We also offer a wide variety of Speaker Grills and Gauge Bezels that feature matching themes such as our Zombie, Widow, and Flame line of products.

Let us know if this was helpful. Similarly, if you’d like to see us demo or install something else in a future video segment, feel free to leave a comment about that as well.

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