Gold Wing

Lighted Trunk and Saddlebag Moldings

3201-1As a motorcyclist a top priority should be visibility to other motorists on the road. Each year numerous accidents occur because riders simply were not seen. Kuryakyn has a solution that not only looks great but adds that needed light to the rear of your motorcycle. Available for all GL1800 models are the lighted trunk moldings and the lighted saddlebag moldings that feature ultra bright L.E.D. lights that are low draw and function as both running and brake lights.


Installation of the lights is straight forward and can be done by anyone with a few basic metric hand tools. The lighted trunk moldings simply replace the factory trim pieces that are held on with self tapping screws. The kit is supplied with a plug-in adapter that is installed behind the license plate panel and does not require any splicing of wires. Installation time varies but on a stock bike it can be done in as little as a half an hour; trike kits may take longer depending upon the location of the factory wire harness. The lighted saddlebag moldings are fastened in the same way as the trunk moldings with the factory screws; however the electrical portion will require splicing. Not to worry though, the kit comes with everything needed to install including scotch locks that simply clamp around the existing wires or if preferred the new wires can be soldered.

The L.E.D. lights used are very bright and do not require much energy to light up. That means there will not be a large draw on the motorcycles electrical system that would cause other lights to dim. Light options include a red lens with chrome trim and a trick chrome lens with chrome trim that is red when lit. All Kuryakyn products that feature L.E.D. lights are backed by an industry leading three year warranty.



Super Lizard Lights

These all new seven-color L.E.D. Super Lizard Light kits allow you to simply & easily highlight the flowing lines of your Goldwing! Choose how wild you want to go with our two available kits. Both kits feature 6 of our new Super Lizard Lightswhile the Premier Kit (P/N 5027) also includes our new Long Lizard Lights! The peel-&-stick installation & simple plug-&-play wiring makes accenting your bike easier than ever!

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