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Kuryakyn 5000 Series Driving Light L.E.D. Upgrade

It’s no secret that L.E.D. Technology has advanced significantly in the past few years.    Advancing from running lights to turn signals, to a point where they are reliable and bright enough to be used as headlights and driving lights.   L.E.D.’s are Brighter, more efficient and last longer than standard incandescent or Halogen bulbs.  That’s why […]

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Panama City Beach PD Adds Some Kuryakyn Lighting

Recently during the Panama City Beach Bike Rally, also known as Thunder Beach, our road crew was approached by the local police department looking to enhance the visibility of their fleet of Harley Davidson motorcycles. One of the motor cops had mentioned noticing other bikes on the road that stood out both day and night […]

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Features and Benefits of L.E.D. Lighting

L.E.D. lights seem all the rage these days and there’s good reason for that. Not only do they look great when illuminated, L.E.D. lights also provide a number of performance and visibility benefits. To better understand the many benefits of L.E.D. lighting, here’s some useful information to consider when making the switch from conventional incandescent […]

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