Back From The Dead: USM Custombikes Road Glide

2004 Harley-Davidson Road Glide

The 2004 Road Glide before its makeover

We love checking in with members of our worldwide dealer network and hearing about special projects going on at their shops. And when we hear the project includes Kuryakyn parts and accessories, it makes it even better!

Claus Günther over at USM Custombikes in Langenhagen, Germany, checked in to tell us about a bike that his shop brought back from the dead. Claus scored a salvaged 2004 Road Glide from California at a nice price, but the bike needed a lot of work in order to relive its glory days. As soon as the banged-up beast arrived via shipping container, Claus and the USM crew got to work.

2004 Road Glide built by USM Custombikes in Germany

Once the transformation was complete, the beast was barely recognizable from its former state

USM works on a lot of salvaged bikes because, as Claus says, “Most of the damaged parts are usually ones we plan on removing anyway.” The low-mileage land shark was mechanically sound, but banged up pretty good. After hours of planning and weeks in the shop, and with help in the form of some fellow Motorsports Aftermarket Group (MAG) brands, among others, the bruised and battered Harley went from the salvage yard to stunner in no time.

Kury: How did the project come about?
USM: It was a good time to team up with Küryakyn and other brands to jointly build a bike that meets the current trends using a wide range of bolt-on accessories. We have been using Kuryakyn parts for a long time, since way back to the early Hypercharger days. We appreciate the constant high quality and superb fitment. I am also really impressed with the Crusher lineup. It’s a refreshing line of performance products with great style, sound and precise fitment.

Kury: How did you decide on thev combination of Kuryakyn parts to include?
USM: My friend [Kuryakyn President] Holger Mohr helped me seek out the newest and most important parts. We didn’t want to overload the bike because that’s not the style for the European market.

Kury: What other brands did you incorporate into the build?
USM: The Bahn brand just came fresh out of the machine; it was only natural that we showcase that line in this build to meet current zeitgeist. We really like the Bahn product line; they have a great finish, the parts are easy to install and they look awesome. Other MAG brands also thought the project was exciting and offered to help. MAG brands represented in this project are Progressive Suspension, Burly Brand and Mustang Seats, along with Kuryakyn, Crusher and Bahn.

USM: Custom Chrome Europe donated a 23-inch front wheel and also supported us with the brake discs and the wheel hub. In order to lower the rear, a Progressive Suspension air air ride was installed. In addition to looking pretty cool, the air ride also offers a very comfortable ride. The handlebars are from Burly and they adapt to the bike perfectly for great additional comfort and style. Mustang contributed the seat and we opted for their Tripper style solo. We also enjoy using Arlen Ness products. Same high quality and we have known the Ness family for decades.

Kury: Classic combination of black and chrome on the Glide. What led to that decision?
USM: It’s a powerful combination. Long story short, black is always popular for motorcycle fans, and I really liked the idea of working in the new Bahn parts with the “Tuxedo” finish for a contrasting look. In the end, I think it turned out pretty nice.

We definitely agree. For more info on USM, visit

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