Alley Cat Air Cleaner Install

If you have a ’99-’13 Twin Cam Harley Davidson, Chances are you have heard of the Screamin’ Eagle Stage I and Arlen Ness Stage I Big Sucker Air cleaners.    These air cleaners are one of the most common “firsts” when it comes to Performance upgrades on a new Harley Davidson.  They are fairly inexpensive High-flow air cleaners that re-use the stock “football” style air-cleaner cover.  While the air cleaner flows well most riders over time come to the conclusion that they wish they had a more custom appearance over the stock air cleaner cover.

That’s where the new Alley Cat Air Cleaner Cover from Kuryakyn comes in.  This unique air cleaner cover features a mesh insert and “knock-off” style end cap for a retro look on your modern motorcycle for a fraction of the cost of a whole air cleaner.  Available for a wide range of Models, installation is easy and can often be completed in less than 15 minutes. Below are the steps for installing with a Screaming Eagle Stage I.


Step 1:   Using a 5/16” Allen Key to Remove the existing air cleaner cover and set aside.  It will not be reused




Step 2: Insert the 5/16” (large) end of the stud through the Alley Cat Cover and Mesh basket insert






Step 3:  Attach the foam pads to the back side of the black plastic stay ring.  The back side has a small raised lip around the outside edge.





Step 4: Insert the black plastic stay ring over the end of the stud protruding from the inside of the cover




Step 5:  Place a drop of blue thread locker (medium strength) over the protruding end of the stud and place the Alley Cat cover over the filter.  Secure the cover to the Air filter using the double ended stud with the 5/16” (Large) side inserted first.  Torque to 30/60 inch lbs.




Step 6:  Place the small Nylon ratchet over the stud.  There are indents in the Nylon Ratchet that will fit over the dowels on the cover. (you may need to loosen or tighten the stud slightly to get the indents and dowels to line up.)




Step 7: place a drop of blue thread locker (medium strength) on the threads of the stud and thread the Tri-Bar fastener (Knock-off) onto the stud.  There are teeth on the Nylon Ratchet that the teeth on the Tri-Bar will engage to help hold the Tri-Bar in place.  Be careful not to over tighten the tri bar it only needs to be finger tight.


There you have it, With a couple simple hand tools and 15 minutes you can easily give your screaming Eagle Stage 1 air cleaner a much needed aesthetic upgrade. Add additional Kuryakyn Motor Chrome to really up the “Wow” factor. – Willie G


The Alley Cat is also available in a complete kit that offers more flow than a Stage 1 intake with the same great look.

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