1K In A Day: An Ode to the Iron Butts



Leo’s Road Glide “Angry Alice” is outfitted with Crusher Power Cell headers, Maverick 4″ Slip-Ons and the Maverick Pro intake, as well as handfuls of Kuryakyn essentials

Ever ride 1,000 miles in 24 hours or less? According to the Iron Butt Association, more than 60,000 of you “officially” have (though we’d wager that number is much higher). A true test of focus, perseverance and endurance, becoming a certified Iron Butt member is the ultimate display of a pure passion for long-distance motorcycle riding.

Kuryakyn and Crusher Performance brand ambassador Leo (@lm4photo on Instagram) recently completed his THIRD certified Iron Butt ride back in August. Upon his return, he shared with us the highlights of his quest – along with the amazing photos below for your enjoyment. But first, read what he had to say about the journey… his words below perhaps sum it up best:

“The 1k in a day ride will definitely take determination and discipline to accomplish, but the journey will also teach you that you can achieve anything if you chose to stick to your goals. There will be plenty of time for life reflection, thinking over tough decisions, and finding out what you’re made of. The joy and feeling of accomplishment when that odometer rolls over ONE THOUSAND MILES will outweigh any pain that you set aside to finish something important to you.”

Leo (left) and Kyle in Joplin, MO

Leo (left) and Kyle in Joplin, MO

Our trip started from two separate starting points Kyle (@kaustin202 on Instagram) started from Vandalia, IL, on his 2003 H-D Road King Classic. He traveled west on I-70 to St Louis MO, then west on I-44 to Joplin, MO.  Leo started from Cape Girardeau, MO, on his 2016 H-D Road Glide Special. Leo headed south to US-60 then traveled west to Springfield, MO, before hitting I-44 west to Joplin, MO. The thousand-mile trip was certified through Curtis Morgan of
WWW.RIDE1K-INADAY.COM (@ride1k_inaday on Instagram)

Paying respects to the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing

Paying respects to the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing

After meeting in Joplin, refueling, and a small breakfast we continued to head west on I-44 into Oklahoma City, OK. We decided to take a break from the ride to visit the Oklahoma Bombing memorial and pay respects to the innocent folks that lost their lives.

A stop at the famous Cadillac Ranch to check out the old iron art

A stop at the famous Cadillac Ranch to check out the old iron art created by a group of hippies from San Francisco called “The Ant Farm”

Our trip then resumed by heading west on I-40. We traveled west into Amarillo, TX and stopped at the world famous Cadillac Ranch, wasn’t what either of us expected but nonetheless an awesome sight and even cooler story about how it came to be.


Ominous skies ahead

Our journey continued west on I-40 on into New Mexico where we ran into our only real obstacle on the trip, a HUGE thunderstorm directly in our path and it was only building in strength, so we decided to wait it out for a while in hopes that it would pass. We waited out the rainstorm for about an hour, it slowly moved to the south of us, we donned the rain suits and prepared to ride through the tail end of it. As we merged back onto I-40 and hammered down to knock out the last few miles, the storm moved out of our way and we only had a few wet spots on the roadway as we completed the 1K in a day with no incidents and time to spare.


Leo hammers down and carves through New Mexico

We completed our day by riding another 100 miles into Albuquerque, NM where we found lodging for the night, ending our day with approximately 1100 miles each. This is my 3rd certified Ironbutt ride of 1000 miles in 24 hours. All Kuryakyn and Crusher Performance products performed flawlessly and, as you can see from the pics, looked great the entire time too.


Leo (left) and Kyle

Leo (left) and Kyle





Find out more information how you can get become a member of the IRON BUTT ASSOCIATION.

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  1. Congratulations brother. Another job well accomplished