Kuryakyn by Kellermann Collection

Kuryakyn and Kellermann are fired up to announce a new partnership and introduction of the “Kuryakyn by Kellermann” collection!

Headquartered in Aachen, Germany, Kellermann has been designing and manufacturing premium motorcycle accessories for more than 25 years. Kellermann’s exceptional quality has generated a cult-like following among custom bike culture, and has also earned the brand numerous prestigious honors including the coveted Chicago Athenaeum Museum’s “Good Design Award” as well as multiple Red Dot Design Awards for the BL 2000 and Bullet 1000® series. This brand alliance strengthens Kellermann’s position as a segment leader of state-of-the-art motorcycle indicators, leveraging Kuryakyn’s worldwide dealer, distributor and retail channels to strategically penetrate new markets with an emphasis on North America.

Kellermann Bullet Atto

Bullet Atto: p/n 2535 (clear lens, p/n 2536 (smoke lens)

Kellermann Bullet Atto

Bullet Atto: p/n 2535 (clear lens, p/n 2536 (smoke lens)







“Kellermann and Kuryakyn share a passion for technology and product innovation,” said Holger Mohr, Kuryakyn president. “This partnership reinforces Kuryakyn’s commitment of offering the highest quality, best-performing accessories to our dealers and consumers, and is a tremendous opportunity for both brands to showcase our respective leadership positions within the motorsports industry.”

Kellermann Bullet 1000

Bullet 1000® Collection

Kellermann Bullet 1000

Bullet 1000® Collection







The Kuryakyn by Kellermann collection showcases a variety of high-performance L.E.D. indicators offering modern styling in a variety of sizes and profiles. All indicators operate via integrated circuit at 330 kHz, are universal for 12-volt electronic applications, and feature precision zinc die-cast metal housings. Kellermann’s HighPower L.E.D. Technology combined with Longlife Protection Guard® delivers maximum L.E.D. brightness and lifespan for unmatched longevity.

Kellermann micro 1000

micro 1000 Collection

Kellermann micro Rhombus

micro Rhombus Collection







“We are absolutely thrilled to bring our range of innovative and premium quality motorcycle accessories made in Germany together with the Kuryakyn team to the challenging U.S. market,” says Dr. Stefan Wöste, Kellermann CEO. “We are ready to listen to what bikers in the U.S. want, and will push the envelope even further to bring more cutting-edge technology to the American motorcycle scene.”

Kellermann BL 2000

BL 2000 Bar-End Turn Signal

Kellermann BL 1000

BL 1000 Bar-End Turn Signal







For more information, visit www.kuryakyn.com/c/kellermann.

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An Epic ‘XKursion to the Badlands’

The best rides are those you’ll never forget.

While that might sound like trite fortune cookie rhetoric, it definitely holds weight. What makes a ride truly unforgettable depends on whom you ask. Breathtaking scenery, idyllic weather, and being immersed in motorcycle culture with riders from all walks of life can be a few essential ingredients. And #THEXKURSION into Badlands National Park was the perfect recipe for a memorable experience.

After spit-balling ideas to introduce our new XKursion and Momentum luggage to the riding community, the blueprint for #thexkursion was born.

“After seeing these bags working their way through product development, I knew we had something truly unique and couldn’t wait to share them with the riding community as quickly as possible,” said Undria Davis, Kuryakyn creative marketing manager. “As a design and engineering team, we rode with these bags and fell in love, but hearing that from the company who ‘watched them grow-up’ is one thing. Hearing it from those on the road everyday, utilizing the bags we’ve designed and living lives others aspire to live, is quite another.”

From left: Matt Cook, Kuryakyn soft goods designer; Michelle Jamison (@bandanasbymichelle); John Galvin, Kuryakyn communication content specialist; Gevin Fax (@sapasioux); Tana Roller (@a.quest.called.tribe); Jean Bolinger & Cricket (@cricket_the_bostonterrier), Jake Vest (@jake.vest), Sharry Billings (@sistermother13), and Melanie Star (@badassstar)

The purpose of #THEXKURSION is to recruit a variety of riders to run our luggage, then bring everyone together for a group ride and campout in various national and state parks across the U.S. Put down miles together all day, then get direct rider-to-rider feedback on the gear’s performance. Incredibly valuable information we can leverage toward future product development and marketing concepts.

We reached out to riders from varying backgrounds and locations that all share a free-spirited passion for pulling back the throttle. After a few weeks of use, we met in Sturgis and set out to explore the Badlands Loop, take in spectacular vistas and establish a level of camaraderie that comes standard in the biker community.

Tana Roller, founding member of @a.quest.called.tribe

Tana Roller: “For me, riding is pure passion with enough adrenaline to keep me wild and feeling alive. It’s freedom from the norm. It’s radical self-expression. It’s from here to Zen and everything in-between. But road life isn’t always as easy and free as it looks. You have to be prepared for all the elements Mother Nature has to offer. You want your aesthetic tight, yet you also want to show off enough of your own personality to attract your triBE. Biking is sexy. Smart design is sexy, and Kuryakyn’s new luggage showcases sexy designs, timeless style, and pure functionality.”

The Badlands National Park should be on every biker’s bucket list. The Mars-like landscape of mystifying layered rock formations, towering spires and enigmatic beauty will move your soul. We got up close and personal with bighorn sheep, deer and other wildlife before riding off into an amazing sunset. Then spent the night under the stars around a campfire sharing road tales and cold ones before retiring to our teepees and tents.

“The purpose of the Badlands ride was to indulge in the culture and create a rider-to-rider relationship that most designers can only hope for,” said Matt Cook, Kuryakyn soft goods designer. “I learned about the necessities of each rider, along with the visual preferences of what they want to put on their bikes and be seen riding with. I also witnessed how they’ve adapted our products to suit their individual lifestyle. I honestly don’t believe I could have gotten such thorough feedback any other way, and am stoked to put this feedback in motion on future luggage designs.”

We’re already making plans for future “XKursions” to other notable national and state parks. Until then, check out some of the amazing pictures from our inaugural ride by searching for “#thexkursion” on Instagram and Facebook.

Kuryakyn XKursion Badlands

Leach Misch, published moto journalist, health coach and avid Indian Motorcycle enthusiast

Leah Misch: “It was reviving to share roads through the Badlands with other hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts. Even better are the memories we shared; a beautiful sunset, laughs, and campfire stories about traveling this great country. After losing a bag on my cross-country tour, I can say I’m truly impressed with the durability of Kuryakyn’s XKursion line. I even personalized my (XB Dispatch) backpack with a patch of the U.S., which I’m excited to finish coloring in as I work toward my goal of riding in each of the Lower 48 States.”

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Kuryakyn Momentum Luggage Collection

Luggage can play a large role with rider comfort and convenience. Whether day tripping or cross-country touring, proper storage is vital when it comes to bringing the essentials—including pets. Bulky bags with confusing strap systems and inconvenient storage access can put a damper on any trip, costing riders valuable saddle time. Our new Momentum luggage collection eases the process with a variety of options designed to keep you moving. Versatile packing capabilities, hassle-free mounting, and rugged utilitarian styling.

The value-driven Momentum line showcases best in class styling, features, and durability. All bags are constructed from UV-rated, weather-resistant 1200 denier textile material. A variety of quick-mount designs offer convenient mounting and removal on virtually any motorcycle. Every Momentum bag includes rain covers, as well as integrated external stash pockets, MOLLE modular attachment options commonly found on tactical and recreational equipment, and low-profile carrying handles for easy portability off the bike. Available first in the lineup are the Freeloader Duffel Bag, Hitchhiker Trunk Rack Bag, and completely redesigned Grand Pet Palace.

Momentum Freeloader Duffel Bag, P/N 5282

Kuryakyn Momentum Freeloader Duffle Bag

Momentum Freeloader Duffle with quick-mount sissy bar strap design

Kuryakyn Momentum Freeloader Duffle Bag

Top roll design offers easy packing and can expand to 21″ in height







The Momentum Freeloader Duffel Bag gives new meaning to the phrase “stow-n-go”. A wide top-roll sealed design offers easy access to a cavernous main storage compartment. The separate bottom zippered compartment and multiple quick-stash pockets allow convenient access to the included rain cover or other necessities. An external adjustable bungee storage system accommodates coats, bedrolls or other items, and the side-release buckle mounting system attaches to virtually any sissy bar or backrest in seconds. Bikes without sissy bars can utilize integrated D-Rings and the additional included strap kit for mounting to passenger seats or luggage racks.

  • Dims: 12″ diameter x 18″ tall (21″ fully expanded)
  • Cubic Inches: 2,375 (fully expanded)
  • Quick-mount sissy bar straps for easy mounting
  • External adjustable bungee storage
  • Includes removable shoulder strap for carrying convenience
  • MSRP: $129.99

Momentum Hitchhiker Trunk Rack Bag, P/N 5281

Kuryakyn Momentum Hitchhiker Trunk Bag

The Momentum Hitchhiker mounts securely on virtually any tour trunk-mounted luggage rack

Kuryakyn Momentum Hitchhiker Trunk Bag

External bungee storage for coats, bedrolls or other items








The Momentum Hitchhiker is hands down the most versatile tour trunk rack bag in the business. Integrated elastic shock cords with hook-and-loop fasteners make secure mounting a breeze on any trunk-mounted luggage rack. Other features include two forward-facing bottle pockets for rider and passenger, easily accessible main storage, and external bungee storage options. Shape retention is also a key feature, as the Hitchhiker maintains its contoured form when empty, and also conveniently stows in saddlebags or trunks when not in use.

  • Dims: 23″ wide x 14″ deep x 9” tall
  • Quick-mount elastic shock cords, plus four-point Velcro attachment straps for easy, secure mounting
  • Wide, easy-access opening to main compartment
  • External adjustable bungee storage
  • MSRP: $99.99

Grand Pet Palace, P/N 5288

Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace

Includes full strap kit, rain cover, food and water bowls, and removable storage pouch







An updated version of Kuryakyn’s popular pet carrier, the new Grand Pet Palace lets riders take four-legged friends along for the ride. This home-away-from-home for pets features updated styling with 40 percent more ventilation and 20 percent more internal space. A new integrated sissy bar strap coupled with additional mounting straps and integrated D-Rings on the carrier provide several secure mounting options. An internal frame with rigid structural support provides the ultimate in protection and shape retention capabilities. Creature comforts include an internal adjustable leash, two dishes, a stash pouch for food or treats, and a new, easy-clean removable foam cushion. Human comfort updates include an improved bottle pocket, side-mounted handles and detachable carrying strap for easy portability off the bike.

  • Dims: 18.5 inches x 13 inches x 14 inches
  • Cubic Inches: 2,700
  • Four mesh windows for viewing and optimum ventilation
  • Removable stash pouch for food or accessory storage
  • Includes removable carrying strap for convenience off the bike
  • Recommended weight capacity is 20 pounds
  • MSRP: $229.99

The Kuryakyn Momentum collection is set to expand with an all-new trio of bags debuting later this summer. To view Kuryakyn’s complete range of luggage offerings, visit http://www.kuryakyn.com/c/luggage.

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Harley-Davidson describes the Milwaukee-Eight engine as “styled to project power,” and the new Kuryakyn Precision collection takes it to another level of sculpted perfection.

The Precision line of covers and accents showcases modern and muscular designs that deliver a truly defined appearance to emulate internal movements of the engine and transmission. The resulting look produces a seamless integration with every factory component, whether used individually or as a complete set.

Kuryakyn Precision Covers for Milwaukee-Eight

Pictured: Precision Tappet Block Accent, Transmission Shroud, Starter Cover, Transmission Top Cover, and Dipstick

“Historically we designed our engine chrome components to be used together,” said Kenny Ladoucer, Kuryakyn category manager. “If you didn’t buy a certain piece, it looked like something was missing. The Precision system is different in that each part can be integrated independently, pieced together over time, or used to target specific areas of the motor to create a visual impact.”

Precision components serve as an extension of the Milwaukee-Eight’s design language. The collection includes groupings of unique covers and accents that bring the same powerful appearance to often-overlooked areas of the engine block. Focus areas include the cylinder base, inner primary, tappet block, transmission and starter, as well as the voltage regulator, coolant pump for liquid-cooled models, and oil cooler, among others.

Kuryakyn Precision Engine Covers for Milwaukee-Eight

Pictured: Precision Spark Plug Covers, Cylinder Base Cover, and Inner Primary Cove

Previous iterations of Kuryakyn engine covers have incorporated the use of VHB adhesive for installation. Everything in the Precision line is bolt on, creating a more uniform aesthetic with the motor while also reducing the hassle of removing and re-installing parts for service maintenance.

“Kuryakyn has established a reputation for developing engine covers,” said Industrial Design Manager Michael Bates. “When we got our hands on the new Milwaukee-Eight, we knew this was going to be an incredible opportunity and journey for our team. We paid close attention to the original inspiration behind the design, and then pinpointed opportunities to make the look more complete. What we added incorporates the same muscular styling cues found throughout the engine. There aren’t many projects that consume our whole team, and the entire Kuryakyn Product Development group played a role in all phases of creating the Precision collection. We’re incredibly proud to see this line of parts hit the market.”

Kuryakyn Precision Engine Covers for Milwaukee-Eight

Precision Oil Cooler Cover and Regulator Cover (Coolant Pump Cover available for liquid-cooled models)

The Precision collection is now available through Kuryakyn and its worldwide dealer and distributor network. The majority of components are currently offered in premium chrome finish, with a handful of select pieces also available in black. Gloss black versions of the entire collection are in development and will be available in late summer 2017.

View the complete Precision collection at www.kuryakyn.com/c/precision.


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Sequential Run-Turn L.E.D. Bat Lashes

Auxiliary lighting is the best way to ensure increased safety and visibility on the road. The new Kuryakyn® Sequential Run-Turn L.E.D. Bat Lashes take a tried-and-true concept one step further with integrated sequential turn signal functionality. The white L.E.D. running lights convert to attention-grabbing amber L.E.D. turn signals when engaged, individually illuminating for smooth and consistent directional functionality.

Kuryakyn Sequential Run-Turn Bat Lashes

P/N 7391 Sequential Run-Turn Bat Lashes

Durable injection-molded ABS housings feature high-strength polycarbonate lenses and a sleek design that forms to batwing fairing contours. Additional benefits are significantly enhanced visibility, low current draw, and an included run-turn controller for easy plug-&-play wiring. Installation requires drilling holes into the fairing on ’14-’17 Harley-Davidson® Electra Glides, Street Glides and Tri Glide.

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Kuryakyn Adjustable Fairing Air Deflectors for Road Glide

P/N 1244 Kuryakyn Adjustable Fairing Air Deflectors for Road Glide

New Kuryakyn Adjustable Fairing Air Deflectors offer a step up in style and versatility compared to the fixed factory units on Road Glides®. The sleek variable deflectors are easy to operate and securely lock into place in four positions, channeling airflow toward or around the rider for improved comfort in the saddle.

The shatterproof polycarbonate deflectors feature a stylish dark smoke tint and contoured profile with larger surface area than stock. Discreet satin black aluminum brackets mount to existing holes in the fairing for a hassle-free install on all ’15-’17 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide and Road Glide Ultra models.

P/N 1244

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Safe and Secure Towing For H-D Touring Models

Kuryakyn Receiver Hitch for '14-up H-D Touring P/N 7675

Kuryakyn Receiver Hitch for ’14-up H-D Touring P/N 7675

Lengthy road trips can require more storage than saddlebags, tour trunks or luggage provide. A pull-behind trailer offers the convenience of bringing everything needed to enjoy weeks, or even months, on the road. The new Receiver Hitch and Trailer Wiring and Relay Harnesses from Kuryakyn® ensure smooth sailing and worry-free load application on Harley-Davidson® Touring models equipped with CAN-bus electrical systems.

Kuryakyn Receiver Hitch for '14-up H-D Touring P/N 7675

Forged and welded steel construction with dual receiver design provides maximum structural support

The Kuryakyn Receiver Hitch (P/N 7657) includes black powder-coated mounting brackets, chrome-plated ball mount and a chrome-plated 1-7/8” ball. Brackets and ball mount are constructed from sturdy forged and welded steel for durability. The ball mount utilizes a unique dual receiver design that engages the mounting brackets vertically on both sides of the rear wheel for maximum structural support. The ball mount can be installed in either of two height positions depending on fender configuration. Remove the ball mount when not in use and the receiver hitch remains hidden for a clean and virtually unnoticeable appearance. Bolt-on installation for all ’14-’17 Harley-Davidson Electra Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings and Street Glides requires simple hand tools.

  • MSRP: $289.99
Kuryakyn Wiring and Relay Harness for Receiver Hitch

Wiring and Relay Harnesses are available in 5 Wire Plus 1 or 4 Wire Plus 1 kits for standard 5-wire output (run, brake, right turn, left turn, ground), or 4-wire output (run, left turn/brake, right turn/brake, ground).

Kuryakyn Trailer Wiring and Relay Harness Kits are available separately to safely and effectively apply the trailer’s lighting load to the battery rather than the bike’s electrical system. The harnesses utilize input from the motorcycle to direct power from the battery to the appropriate trailer lighting circuit, eliminating the potential to overload stock lighting or accessory outlets.

Wiring and Relay Harnesses are available in 5 Wire Plus 1 or 4 Wire Plus 1 kits for standard 5-wire output (run, brake, right turn, left turn, ground), or 4-wire output (run, left turn/brake, right turn/brake, ground). Each kit includes a bonus wire that connects as needed to provide fused 12-volt power to the trailer for compartment lights or keyless entry systems wired independently of the trailer’s essential lighting.

  • MSRP: $119.99 – $129.99
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The 2017 Rock, Rumble & Rebellion Street Glide

Rock, Rumble & Rebellion Street Glide

Kuryakyn® and the Sturgis Buffalo Chip® kicked off the Midwest’s biggest bike show with a bang, debuting the 2017 Rock, Rumble & Rebellion signature build in front of a packed house at the 30th annual Donnie Smith Bike & Car Show.

Representing seven days of electrifying racing in August at the Buffalo Chip Moto Stampede™, the sleek, industrial appearance of the 2017 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® strikes a balance of refinement and straight-up rawness.

“As an aftermarket company, we were honored to take on the challenge of representing the Buffalo Chip’s 35th anniversary last year with a bike build,” said Holger Mohr, Kuryakyn President. “As enthusiasts first and foremost, this year’s focus of bringing racing back to the Chip is equally exciting for us. The Kuryakyn design team came up with an authentic race theme that truly embodies the ‘rumble’ in Rock, Rumble and Rebellion. There’s no better way to introduce our newest products to core Kuryakyn customers, and we’re proud to do it alongside the Buffalo Chip on the biggest stage in the motorcycle industry.”

Rock, Rumble & Rebellion Street Glide1

The new Kuryakyn Hypercharger ES air cleaner

One of the main focal points on the purpose-built bagger is the freshly reimagined Hypercharger™ ES air cleaner. Symbolizing the evolution of one of Kuryakyn’s most iconic products, the Hypercharger ES features a radical new design with state-of-the-art electronic throttle response butterfly engagement. The integrated servomotor actuates the butterflies with every twist of the throttle, creating an interactive experience with the motorcycle that’s unlike anything available.

Additionally, more than 35 Kuryakyn accessories are featured on the build including select pieces from the new Mesh and Riot collections, as well as the soon-to-be-released Precision line of engine chrome for the Milwaukee-Eight®. Renowned custom shop Gilby’s Street Dept. of River Falls, Wis., laid down a monochromatic race-inspired paint theme that marries everything together to create a cohesive push-pull of mechanical grit and class.

”The 2017 Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bike created by Kuryakyn truly captures the free spirit the biker community brings to the Chip every year,” said Rod Woodruff, Sturgis Buffalo Chip President. “The exhilaration of racing, the intensity of the concerts and the pure joy of the ride are represented in the power and beauty of this custom. Kuryakynreally hit it out of the park again.”

Rock, Rumble & Rebellion Street Glide2

Kuryakyn Signature Series Smooth Dash Console by Jim Nasi

The build sheet also includes a host of familiar names including Jim Nasi Customs (Kuryakyn Signature Series Dash Console), a handmade custom-designed Mustang Seat, “Formula” wheels (21” front, 18” rear) and rotors from Performance Machine, “Razorback” Drag Bars from FMB Choppers, and “Milano” inverted front suspension from Italian-based manufacturer ODC.

The Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bike will be hitting the road and participating in various rides and events scheduled on Kuryakyn’s 2017 rally tour. Official media partner American Iron Magazine will also feature the custom Street Glide in issue #352, which hits newsstands on July 18.

Rock, Rumble & Rebellion Street Glide 3

Following the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s 36th year of music, motorcycles and revelry held Aug. 4-12, the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion Street Glide will be offered for private sale. Anyone interested in purchasing the bike may call the Sturgis Buffalo Chip at 605-347-9000.

Visit www.kuryakyn.com/c/rockrumblerebellion for additional photos, a full build list, and complete schedule of events that will be posted soon.

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The Return of Rock, Rumble & Rebellion

Kuryakyn and Buffalo Chip Rock Rumble & Rebellion

Join us and the Sturgis Buffalo Chip as we unveil the 2017 Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger on Saturday, March 25 at the Donnie Smith Bike Show, Car Show & Tattoo Expo.

The Sturgis Buffalo Chip® and Kuryakyn® are back at it again with a second powerful dose of “Rock, Rumble & Rebellion” to gear up for the annual August rally in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

“The Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling®” is now also the epicenter of all-things motorcycle racing, making the Sturgis Buffalo Chip the place to be for thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies. This year’s Buffalo Chip Moto StampedeTM showcases RSD Super Hooligan, American Flat Track Buffalo Chip TT, AMA Supermoto and the Street Drag Invitational with Crazy John, all of which will share center stage with some of the world’s top bands. To represent the festival’s hottest top-line events, Kuryakyn designed and built a one-off custom race-inspired machine to capture all the full-throttle action going down at the legendary campground.

Kuryakyn and Buffalo Chip Rock Rumble & Rebellion Street Glide

The Grand Unveil
Together with the Buffalo Chip, Kuryakyn will pull the cover off the brand-new 2017 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® during the 30th annual Donnie Smith Bike & Car Show. Media members and attendees are invited to witness the unveiling, which will take place on the show’s main floor stage at the St. Paul RiverCentre on Saturday, March 25 at 11 a.m.

“Kuryakyn has presented another absolute winner,” said Rod Woodruff, Sturgis Buffalo Chip President. “The race theme and the flat-out powerful look of the new Mesh and Riot collections capture the excitement of all of the action taking place at the Chip this summer. The person who gets to own this beauty after its tour of the motorcycle event circuit this summer is going to be one lucky biker.”

Following the unveil, Kuryakyn will showcase this year’s signature bike at various rides and events leading up to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s 36th year of music, motorcycles, and revelry Aug. 4-12.

“Once again we’re honored to represent the Sturgis Buffalo Chip through this signature bike build,” said Holger Mohr, Kuryakyn President. “Both brands personify the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion attitude. With street drag racing being one of the focuses for Rod and the Buffalo Chip team, we executed a design that balances the quintessential rawness of performance with the refinement of quality off-the-shelf Kuryakyn products. It presents the perfect medium to showcase our Crusher Performance Division, the new Mesh and Riot product collections, and also introduce the evolution of one of Kuryakyn’s most iconic products, the Hypercharger. The fact that we get to debut this bike in the Twin Cities, just a short ride from our headquarters in Somerset, makes it even more special for our team.”

American Iron Magazine

More Ways to See This Bike
Pick up a copy of American Iron Magazine #352 for an in-depth look at the 2017 Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bike. American Iron (www.aimag.com) has been a leading industry publication dedicating to delivering top-quality coverage of the American-made motorcycle market since 1989. 

The bike will be offered for sale as it makes appearances at various events across the country. It will be on display at Black Hills Harley-Davidson in Rapid City, SD in July and will be available to go home with its new owner after appearing at the Buffalo Chip in August. Anyone interested in purchasing the bike may call the Sturgis Buffalo Chip at 605-347-9000

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Rear Turn Signal Bar for Road Glide & Street Glide

Kuryakyn Rear Turn Signal Bar for H-D

P/N 5406 Rear Turn Signal Bar, Chrome

The new Kuryakyn Rear Turn Signal Bar is a clean, sleek direct replacement for the factory unit on select Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® and Street Glide® models. The bullet-style signals and bar are made from quality cast aluminum available in chrome or gloss black finish. A smooth, stepped design forms to the contours of the rear fender and features full top coverage to eliminate the grab-handle look of the stock bar. Included in the kit are stylized deep-dish bezels with red lenses and clear incandescent bulbs that offer full run-turn-brake functionality.

Kuryakyn Rear Turn Signal Bar for Harley-Davidson Road Glide and Street Glide

P/N 5407 – Kuryakyn Rear Turn Signal Bar, Gloss Black

The Rear Turn Signal Bar utilizes the stock plate illumination and mount, and is compatible with Kuryakyn Curved License Plate Mounts (P/N 3157 – Chrome, 3147 – Gloss Black), sold separately. The streamlined bullet housings also accept Kuryakyn Bullet Style L.E.D. Rear Turn Signal Conversions (P/N 5448, 5449, 5459 or 5460, sold separately) for an easy L.E.D. upgrade in place of the incandescent bulbs.

Fits: ’10-’13 & ’15-later FLTRX/S, and ’10-’17 FLHX/S

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