TTS Master Tune Puts You in Control of your Bike

Just a few years ago, if someone walked up and told you that you could tune your Harley-Davidson at home using your own crummy little laptop computer, you’d probably offer to drive them back to the institution from which they escaped.

But you would have misdiagnosed the messenger because, truth be told, Kuryakyn now carries an engine management system that puts you in charge of your engine control unit (ECU). The TTS Master Tune system enables you to increase the power of your engine, make your motorcycle more efficient and decrease fuel consumption.

TTS Master Tune

The TTS Master Tune engine management system is a key component of our revolutionary Perfect Storm Kit, an engine modification system that can increase a stock motor’s power at all rpm ranges, with close to 15 hp at the wheel. The secret to unlocking all this power is enabling the engine to breath. This is achieved with a high-flow air cleaner, a crusher muffler and true dual head pipes — all controlled by the TTS Master Tune. Like we said, the Perfect Storm.

The TTS Master Tune allows you to reprogram the factory ECU that’s already on the bike. This recalibration is done by having your home computer communicate with the computer on the motorcycle — with or without a dyno — by utilizing the data logger and V-tune generator functions within the Master Tune. In this way, the TTS Master Tune reprograms what’s already there to deliver better performance, more power and increased fuel-efficiency to the existing motorcycle.

To better get an understanding about how the TTS Master Tune works, we’ve produced the following short video on installing the Master Tune program on any late-model Harley, and then reprograming the factory ECU to produce a more powerful and fuel-efficient engine.

As you saw, the video takes you through the process of installing the TTS Master Tune into a Harley-Davidson with Delphi fuel injection. Easy step-by-step instructions take you from locating the diagnostic port on the motorcycle to plugging the cable interface into the USB port on the laptop. There are even directions on how to back up and save the factory calibration already on the ECU, establish communication with the bike, load the new calibration, reprogram the bike and then remove the TTS system from the bike.

As we hope you can see, the TTS Master Tune is the most powerful tuning system available for a fuel-injected Harley and can recalibrate a number of functions, including

  • Setting air-to-fuel ration targets
  • Adjust front and rear cylinder fuel trims and timing
  • Change rev limiter
  • Change the speedometer for wheel or gear changes
  • Throttle blade control
  • Customize calibrations with the included V-Tune feature on bikes after ‘07
  • Read and clear DTC codes stored in the ECU

The TTS Master Tune Retails for $424.99 and is one of the key components of the Kuryakyn Perfect Storm system. For more information on Kuryakyn’s Perfect Storm Kit and the TTS Master Tune, visit

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4 Responses to “TTS Master Tune Puts You in Control of your Bike”

  1. Wow!! I put the master tune TTS, Crusher mufflers,NGK plugs and a Doherty PACC air cleaner on a 2008 Streetglide…This thing is unreal..When you roll along in 1st gear about 2000 rpm and twist the throttle,you better be holding on….It will set you back on the seat…I would recommend this set-up to anyone…I did this myself…


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