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Winterizing your motorcycle is an important part of ownership for those of us shacking up where the seasons change.  It’s important to tackle all the necessities before Old Man Winter rears his ugly head. To help ease the pain of stowing your baby away for four to six months, we’ve compiled a list of items offered by Küryakyn to make sure the basics are covered so when spring comes around, your ride is ready to hit the streets and not the shop.

Getting started
Before getting into the process of fuel preparation, start by giving your bike a thorough cleaning. Storing your ride all winter without removing grime and dirt will ultimately result in more time spent cleaning it come spring. The longer dirt and grease stay caked on your motorcycle, the tougher they are to remove. Make sure you give all exposed metal/chrome a good polish, and clean and treat any leather products like seats, bibs or saddlebags. Luckily, Küryakyn has you covered when it comes to selecting the right solutions for the ultimate spit-shine:

Küryakyn P/N 35 – White Diamond Metals Polish
Küryakyn P/N 957 – Doc Bailey’s Leather Black 4 oz. Kit
Küryakyn P/N 958 – Doc Bailey’s Leather Clear 4 oz. Kit

P/N 35: White Diamond Metals Polish

White Diamond Metals Polish

Doc Bailey’s Leather Black 4 oz. Kit

P/N 957 – Doc Bailey’s Leather Black 4 oz. Kit

P/N 958 – Doc Bailey’s Leather Clear 4 oz. Kit

P/N 958 – Doc Bailey’s Leather Clear 4 oz. Kit

Fuel Preparation
To drain, or not to drain? That’s the long-debated question regarding what to do with your motorcycle’s fuel during winter storage. Some say draining the fuel is the best way to ensure that bad gas won’t be in your tank come spring. Others will tell you that an empty tank is the best way to allow condensation, which can subsequently cause rust. Removing fuel also creates the risk of drying out/damaging the rubber fuel lines, leading to leakage and costly repairs. Another side to consider is that most fuel-injected bikes can be a major pain to rid of fuel unless you’re running them down to empty.

A topped-off tank with the proper fuel-stabilizing additive is the way to go. More open volume in your tank means more condensation, and thus more water in your fuel come spring. Topping off the tank will alleviate the threat altogether. We suggest adding our LHP Fuel Treatment and then keep the bike running for around five minutes to circulate the stabilizer throughout the system.

Küryakyn P/N 956 – Liquid Horsepower Fuel Treatment (LHP)

P/N 956 – Liquid Horsepower Fuel Treatment (LHP)

P/N 956 – Liquid Horsepower Fuel Treatment (LHP)

Battery Maintenance and Upkeep
Without use, a motorcycle’s battery will naturally discharge and lose voltage over time. If you leave the battery in your bike all winter without a trickle charger, the bottom line is that it will be dead come spring.

Depending on battery type, the rate of voltage discharge can vary greatly by month. It’s important not to overcharge either, which is why C-TEK Battery Chargers are the ideal solution. When using “Winter Mode,” the C-TEK chargers are designed to maintain your battery’s voltage and keep its optimum level without overcharging. C-TEK chargers monitor and apply accurate current and pulses when needed, prolonging the life and reliability of your battery.

Küryakyn P/N 6004 – CTEK US 0.8 Battery Charger
Küryakyn P/N 6005 – CTEK Multi US 4.3 Battery Charger
Küryakyn P/N 4258 – CTEK MultiUS 7002

CTEK Battery Chargers

P/N’s 6004, 6005 and 4258: CTEK Battery Chargers

Motorcycle Covers
Once you’ve taken care of the jobs above, it’s time to cover your bike and bid it farewell for the next four to six months. Protect it from dust and other abrasive substances with a quality, breathable cover like our PrimoShield Full Covers that feature a soft fabric liner on the interior to protect your bike’s windshield and/or fairing from abrasions. Bottom panels feature an elastic hem with reinforced grommets and shock cords to ensure a perfect fit.

Küryakyn P/N 4122 – Silver PrimoShield Full Cover
Küryakyn P/N  4123 – Silver PrimoShield Half Cover
Küryakyn P/N 4120 – Black PrimoShield Full Cover
Küryakyn P/N 4121 – Black PrimoShield Half Cover

Küryakyn P/N 4120 – Black PrimoShield Full Cover

Küryakyn P/N 4120 – Black PrimoShield Full Cover

Last, But Not Least
Don’t forget to also check and adjust tire pressure. Tires sitting for the winter can develop flat spots, so the best prevention is to inflate to the proper PSI and check the pressure periodically throughout winter. Also avoid parking directly on concrete to elude dry rot. Pick up a garage mat/rug or use some spare pieces of carpet to place under the tires. The best bet is to elevate your bike on a lift if possible to avoid prolonged concrete exposure. If you don’t have a lift, consider it a good idea to move your bike around a few times throughout the winter to alleviate stress on the tires.

Also make sure to check your engine’s oil. Temperature change during winter months can result in condensation on the interior of the engine cases. Fresh oil can hold more water and, as a result, will better protect your engine from condensation.

Lastly, and perhaps most important, DO NOT START YOUR BIKE! Unless you plan on going for a ride, one of the worst things you can do to your motorcycle is start it in the middle of winter for a few minutes. Resist the temptation—it’ll be springtime soon enough…

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PHOTO GALLERY: European Bike Week 2014

Carinthia, Austria, Sept. 2-7—The 17th annual European Bike Week took over the Carinthian countryside in Austria during the first week in September. Close to 100,000 riders headed for Faaker See for the annual end-of-year bash that brings in motorcyclists from around the world for six days of rockin’ tunes and roarin’ V-twin action. Check out some of the shots our crew took from Europe’s largest motorcycle rally.


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What’s New Wednesday: Crusher Maverick 4″ Slip-Ons for H-D Touring Models


Crusher Chrome 4″ Maverick Slip-Ons


Crusher_Wordmark_CMYK  “Defining Style Within Performance”, the Crusher Maverick series features a precision machined billet aluminum tip with a matte black high-temp ceramic coating and stainless steel band for unparalleled style. High-flow louvered core baffles yield solid horsepower and torque gains across the rpm range while providing a deep exhaust tone. Available in two finishes, a chrome muffler body or a matte black muffler body, both featuring the unique matte black billet aluminum tip.

 Part #: 563 Chrome, 564 Black

Fitment: ’95-14 Electra Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings, Street Glides, Tour Glides & Trikes

Find them at: www.kü


Crusher Black True Dual Headpipes (P/N 543) and Black 4″ Maverick Slip-Ons (P/N 564)


Crusher Chrome 4″ Maverick Slip-Ons, P/N 563


Crusher Black 4″ Maverick Slip-Ons, P/N 564

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What’s New Wednesday: Tour-Pak Relocator for ’14 H-Ds



Gain a few extra inches for going those extra miles. This handy kit moves the Tour-Pak® back 1″, 2″ or 3″ to provide more room for your passenger. The added space makes things much more comfortable for the passenger and makes climbing on and off much easier, especially if the bike is equipped with a driver backrest.

Part #: 8956

Fitment: ’14 Electra Glides, Road Kings, Street Glides & Trikes Equipped with Rigid Mounted or Detachable King, Ultra or Chopped Tour-Paks

Where to find it on

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What’s New Wednesday: Crusher Power Cell Duals with Clean Chrome Heat Shield

Crusher Power Cell Duals and Maverick 4" Slip-Ons

Crusher Power Cell Duals and Maverick 4″ Slip-Ons


Crusher has taken their best performing head pipe and updated the look with a clean and classy heatshield for those who desire a more understated look. The Power Cell head pipe features a unique crossover beneath the heat shield that provides increased horsepower and torque. Shown on bike with Crusher Maverick 4″ Slip-Ons, P/N 563.

Part #: 558

Fitment: ’09-’14 Electra Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings, Street Glides & Trikes. (Installation on ’10 FLHX or FLTRX requires Muffler Support & Grommet, P/N 560, sold separately. Installation on Trikes requires Exhaust Adapter Kit, P/N 561, sold separately)

Where to find it on Kü

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Meet the Team- Pete Amenda, VP of Product Development

Pete Amenda-VP of Product Development

Pete Amenda-VP of Product Development

Vision. Forge. Affect… these are the hallmarks of Küryakyn’s NXT 25 program. After leading the design and manufacturing of aftermarket parts and accessories for the motorcycle industry for the past 25 years, Küryakyn plans to accelerate into the next 25 years and beyond. Product line expansion, an aggressive rally schedule, increased advertising and a host of other initiatives have already begun, including some strategic staffing. Leading this charge is the addition of industry veteran Pete Amenda to the team.

“For a product-driven company like Küryakyn, bringing Pete in with his skillset, background and personality, we will see a significant impact in the growth and culture of our company on multiple levels,” notes company president Holger Mohr. “It’s also not every day you get the chance to intertwine a lifelong passion into your everyday routine, but he is a true enthusiast as well. We have the perfect candidate for this critical position with Pete.”

Most recently the VP of Marketing for S&S Cycle where he led or supported numerous new product development and commercialization efforts that resulted in significant product line growth in the American V-Twin performance parts market. Amenda’s career has spanned three decades on both an OEM and aftermarket level. Along the way, he has held leadership roles in retail, distribution and manufacturing, including production and general management, brand, product & channel marketing, new product development and strategic planning. Besides S&S Cycle, notable previous positions include manufacturing area manager for Harley-Davidson, Screamin’ Eagle performance parts category manager, and VP of Marketing & Portfolio Management for Custom Chrome.

“Küryakyn believes motorcycles aren’t simply a means of transportation, but rather a representation of a person’s very identity,” says Amenda. “I certainly agree with this philosophy and really look forward to working with the creative minds on this team to help accelerate Küryakyn’s continued growth for the next 25 years.”

In addition to having a true passion for the product, Amenda’s combination of professional experience and education (Executive MBA from Kellogg Graduate School and BS in Industrial Engineering/Management Science from Northwestern University), made him the obvious choice, according to Mohr. “We were lucky to get Pete… and this is only the beginning!” Project NXT 25 calls for Küryakyn to aggressively grow, effective immediately.

Key positions available at the Wisconsin-based aftermarket giant include product designers and engineers in the R&D department, marketing & creative positions, sales, accounting, admin, IT and purchasing. If you think you have what it takes to be part of the NXT 25 initiative, check out

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What’s New Wednesday: Inner Primary Cover for Victory



Dress up the motor on your Victory with Küryakyn’s newly released Inner Primary Cover. This one piece contoured cover is designed to bolt directly to the outer primary cover in minutes with no need to remove the outer cover.

Part #: 7624

Fitment: All ’99-’14 Victory Models (except Vision)

Where to find it on Kü

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I’ve Got at Least One Screw Loose!

Manufacturing tolerances vary from industry to industry; a watch maker’s precision is higher than a house-framer’s.  Motorcycle accessories fall somewhere in between.

Jeb just got back from a heavy lunch and is in no mood for puns.

Jeb just got back from a heavy lunch and is in no mood for puns.

For this reason, when installing parts with more than one screw, it’s a good idea to start each one in its threaded hole before tightening them down.

Leaving the screws loose allows you to align and position the part, reducing the risk of damage to the chrome finish, threads, and structure of the part or motorcycle (or train, plane, and automobile).

We all need a little “built-in slop” or “play” in our lives, it gives us room for error (read: being human).

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What’s New Wednesday: Five Spoke End Caps for Kinetic Grips



Update the look of your Küryakyn Kinetic Grips with these new Five-Spoke End Caps. Available in Chrome (with black inlay) Or Gloss Black, the five spoke design is styled to compliment the design of Küryakyn’s Mach 2 line of products.

Part #: Chrome (P/N 6356) Black (P/N 6357)

Fitment: All Küryakyn Kinetic Grips

Where to find them on Kü

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What’s New Wednesday: Chrome Switch Panel Cover for Victory



Dress up the inner fairing on your Victory Cross Country with this new Chrome Switch Panel Accent from Küryakyn. Made of chrome plated ABS and contoured to fit the OEM dash, this piece is sure to give you instant gratification.

Part #: 7696

Fitment: ’10-’13 Victory Cross Country & Cross Country Touring Models

Where to find it on Kü

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