What’s New Wednesday: Peg Adapters for Honda F6B



You can now easily add Küryakyn footpegs or floorboards to your F6B with the use of their new Peg Adapters. Available in a Tapered (for use with footpegs) or Splined(for use with floorboards). These adapters are the first step in finding the perfect fit for your F6B.

Part #: Tapered (P/N 8806) Splined (P/N 8807)

Fitment: ’13 Honda F6B

Where to find them on Küryakyn.com: http://www.kuryakyn.com/Products/1597/Tapered-Peg-Adapters-for-Metric-Cruisers

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What’s New Wednesday: Relocator for Tour-Pak



Relocating your Tour-Pak is now a simple process thanks to Küryakyn’s new Relocator Kit. This handy kit moves the Tour-Pak back 1″,2″ or 3″ to provide more room for your passenger. The added spaces makes things much more comfortable for the passenger.

Part#: 8957

Fitment: ’09-’13 Electra Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings, Street Glides & Trikes Equipped with Rigid Mounted or Detachable King, Ultra or Chopped Tour-Pak

Where to find it on Küryakyn.com: http://www.kuryakyn.com/Products/4605/Relocator-Kit


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#Kuryakyn Instagram Update

Editors Note: Instagram Update is a new segment here on the Küryakyn blog.  It will feature a  collection of our teams favorite Instagram photos from the last month.  Feel free to submit your own photo by using the hashtag #Kuryakyn and don’t forget to follow @kuryakyn on Instagram!












Don’t forget to tag your photo’s with the Hashtag #Kuryakyn !


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What’s New Wednesday: Kinetic Floorboard Inserts for Victory



Keep your feet comfortable for the long haul with Küryakyn’s new Kinetic Floorboard Inserts for Victory. Available in Chrome or Gloss Black these floorboard inserts are a direct replacement for the OEM floorboard inserts and feature a raised front toe kick to provide that extra level of comfort needed for those long days in the saddle.

Part #: Chrome (P/N 7618)  Gloss Black (P/N 7619)

Fitment: ’10-’14 Victory Cross Country & Tour Models, ’10-’14 Cross Roads Models & ’12-’13 Hard Ball Models.

Where to find it on Küryakyn.com: http://www.kuryakyn.com/Products/4620/Kinetic-Floorboard-Inserts-with-Toe-Rest

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Zip Ties and Flesh Wounds

I like a neatly wired motorcycle.  It looks clean and professional; like the builder/owner really cares for their bike.

You’ve probably installed a part that utilizes zip ties.  You may even have a handful in your tool kit for emergency roadside repairs (hint hint) ; )

What I don’t like is slicing my hands or arms on jagged zip tie ends when cleaning/waxing a bike or installing new parts.  Those cuts make me look like I have issues.

Have a look at the pictures and diagrams.  Typical diagonal cutting pliers can’t cut all of the zip tie end off.



A pair of flush cut diagonal pliers from the electronics store is the cure.  It allows you to cut the zip tie end “flush” with the retainer.  No more knife edges ready to slice and dice.  Instead, there’s a nice tidy zip tie installed professionally.

Flush cut is the key.

Spend a few dollars and your friend’s raised and concerned eyebrows should relax.

Your hands and arms will thank you as well.







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Meet the Team: Technical Writer Seth




K: What’s your job here at Küryakyn?

S: I’m the Technical Writer here at Küryakyn.  I do the installation instructions among other tasks in the R&D department.

K: What do you like most about working at Küryakyn?

S: The relaxed atmosphere, the interesting people, and of course my window cactus!

Seth's Mini Desk Cactus.

Seth’s Mini Desk Cactus.

K: How often do you ride? What’s your favorite motorcycle?

S: Every chance I get! I’ve been riding for 15 years.  I really like the Victory Cross Country and can’t wait to test out Küryakyn’s new Indian Chieftan.

K: What was your first riding experience like?

S: It was a Yamaha SR500.  I had just put it back together during tech school and had to keep the throttle pinned to keep it running.  The icy dirt road made it one thrilling ride to say the least.

K: What’s your favorite Küryakyn accessory?

S: P/N 1467 the push button fuel door latch, the original “key-less” entry.

K: If you could take a week or so off from work and ride anywhere in the world, where would you go?

S: I’d follow the Mississippi River from Northern Minnesota down to Louisiana and make sure I had time to stop for some real Cajun food.

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Meet the Team: Inside Dealer Rep Travis

Travis P


K: What do you do here at Küryakyn?

T: I work as an Inside Dealer Rep handing calls from dealers and helping keep them informed about all of the newest products Küryakyn has to offer.

K: What do you like most about working at Küryakyn?

T:  The best thing about working at Küryakyn is being around a group of like-minded people that are truly passionate about motorcycles.  The atmosphere is also outstanding, it’s great to work at place where everyone is really focused.

K: Do you ride? if so what kind of bike do you have?

T: My passion for riding is not limited to the road so I split my time between my 2008 Yamaha Wr250X and a 2004 Honda CRF450.

K: How long have you been riding?

T: I’ve been twisting throttles since I was 7 years old, a total of 24 years!

K: What was your first riding experience like?

T: It was pretty sketchy, on a Honda Mini Trail 50!

K: What’s your favorite Küryakyn accessory?

T: I have way to many to list! They are all so unique.

K: If you could take a week or so off form work and ride anywhere in the world, where would you go?

T: That’s a tough one,  But I would probably take a few weeks and ride to Alaska.


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What’s New Wednesday: Premium ISO Grips



For the rider who demands the ultimate in comfort and style look no further then the original ISO-Grip.  Now available in a “premium” version that includes the contoured throttle boss.

Part #: 6342 and 6343

Fitment: 6342 – ’82-’14 H-D Models w/Dual Cable Throttle Control 6343 – ’08-’14 H-D Models w/Electronic Throttle Control

Where to find them on Küryakyn.com: 


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Patience for Noodles

"Cooks in 3 minutes" is not fast enough for some of us.

“Cooks in 3 minutes” is not fast enough for some of us.

(Editor’s Note: We would like to take the time to introduce our newest blogger Seth.  Seth has been with Küryakyn for 7 years and is currently Küryakyn’s “Technical Writer”.  With top notch technical ability and a great 6th sense for explaining how things work Seth brings a fresh new view to Tech Articles here at the Küryakyn Blog.  Be sure to leave your feedback and give a warm welcome to Seth.)

Here’s a quick one.

About ten years ago, I was making instant noodles for my two year old son. He was hungry (go figure) and impatient (again, go figure). I told him, “be patient for noodles”.

Fast forward a bit and you’ll see us in the car on a busy highway full of stupid selfish drivers. I floored it to get around one such driver and called them a name only to end up behind another Sunday driver. “#&*!”, I said.  From the back seat I hear, ” ‘memboo daddy? patience for noodles?” Yep, gotcha . . .

The same can be said about installing a part on your beloved two (or three) wheeler. The ratio of Patience to Experience is critical to a job well done. Little to no Experience will require a greater amount of Patience.  Experience gives way to familiarity.  Experience also shows us that Patience is as valuable a tool as the wrenches and screwdrivers in the tool box.

Küryakyn makes great parts that nearly everyone can install themselves. “Parking lot parts” is a phrase often heard around here during product development.  It means you should be able to purchase the parts, install them in the parking lot, then Ride On!

Go ahead and try it.  Get something you’ve always wanted for your bike, grab a handful of patience and get to work.  If you run out of patience there’s a bunch of good people here at Küryakyn that have just the right ratio of Patience and Experience waiting to help out.  The number’s on the instruction sheet or online.

Remember, patience for noodles.  From the mouth’s of babe’s right?


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